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The Certificate in Entrepreneurship empowers students to combine business management foundations with practical experience in creating new ideas, evaluating opportunities, engaging in hands-on decision making, and launching or growing businesses.

Gain experience in lean entrepreneurship through hands-on learning

  • Students are able to work their own innovation, passion or business idea to determine the market opportunities, design and implement strategies, and launch new ventures.

Build a transferable skill set

  • Students will gain practical experience in taking action on ideas, managing team dynamics in stressful situations, and making decisions that have immediate impacts on businesses.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills will be put to the test in real-world scenarios, such as launching product or service ideas, or making the key decision to not move forward with certain ventures.

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs

  • Faculty teaching in the entrepreneurship courses have launched businesses and can share their experience and first-hand knowledge to help guide students through launching and scaling ventures.

Please contact Amanda Garcia at cel@elms.edu for information on how to apply.

Exploration Curriculum

Choose one (3 credits):

  • ENT 101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 102 Lean LaunchPad*

*Must take ENT 102 or ENT 480

Building Curriculum

12 Credits

  • ENT 200 Customer Discovery
  • ENT 220 Innovation and Design Thinking
  • ENT 320 Startup Finance***
  • ENT 330 Building the Team- Startup Culture and HR
  • ENT 340 Get, Keep & Grow- Startup Sales and Marketing***
  • ENT 350 From Founder to Executive
  • ENT 360 Social Entrepreneurship

*** Required

Experiential Curriculum

Capstone Experience
Choose one (3 credits):

  • ENT 480 Advanced Lean LaunchPad*
  • ENT 482 Entrepreneurial Internship
  • ENT 485 Entrepreneurship Co-Op

*Must take ENT 102 or ENT 480
*** Required

Gainful Employment Disclosure