Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs

Mentors can provide some of the most valued contributions to students launching and growing their business ventures. Through listening, providing feedback, support and professional socialization, a mentor greatly enhances students’ chances for success. Individual entrepreneurs and business executives are welcomed to contact Elms to offer their time and expertise.  Some ways mentors can become involved include:

Entrepreneurship Mentor

Entrepreneur mentors can provide support to Elms students launching and growing their business ventures. Mentors include serial entrepreneurs, sector experts, investors and others with entrepreneurial experience.

Lean Launchpad Mentor

The role of the lean launch pad mentor is to provide strategic guidance and wisdom; you share tactical weekly guidance with your team for the 8-week or 11-week lean launchpad program.

Health care Innovation Mentor

Mentors is the healthcare sector bring experience with the changing healthcare landscape to help guide students and teams through the innovation process and challenge the usual ways of thinking.

Guest Speakers

Becoming a guest speaker for any of our entrepreneurship courses or events is an important part of inspiring innovation and entrepreneurship. Share your experience through the power of storytelling to enhance the learning process.

Competition Judge

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership sponsors several events and on-campus competition and seeks mentors and innovators for serving as a judge or knowledge expert.