MBA with a concentration in Lean Entrepreneurship

The Elms College MBA with a concentration in lean entrepreneurship provides students who have a concept for a new product, service, business or an idea to enhance an existing business, the opportunity to work hands-on and immediately apply what they learn in class to their developing business idea.

Our program is facilitated by entrepreneurs with extensive experience starting, creating and building successful new ventures. Using Steve Blank’s lean startup methodology, we flip everything upside down, starting with the customer versus the “business plan” and focusing on learning to evaluate the product market fit for new ideas.

The goal is to help students learn how to reduce the risk of startup failure and startup cost very early in new venture development on their journey to entrepreneurial success.

Elms MBA entrepreneurial students develop skills with real world application:

  • Using lean startup methodology to determine target customer and business model
  • Identifying and analyzing diverse opportunities
  • Presenting new ideas to the market
  • Utilizing key metrics and tools for managing finances
  • Creating and launching new ventures

Quick Info

Required Credits


Program Formats

On-Campus, Online, Hybrid

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Core MBA Courses (15 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
BUS 6000BUS 600Managerial Finance and Data Analysis3
BUS 6100BUS 610Globalization and Social Responsibility3
BUS 6200BUS 620Leadership and Teamwork3
BUS 6300BUS 630Current Events Impact on the Economy3
BUS 6400BUS 640Strategic Management Practicum3

Lean Entrepreneurship Concentration Required Courses (12 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
ACC 6002ACC 602Accounting for Managers3
ENT 6002ENT 602Lean Launchpad3
ENT 6200ENT 620Startup Finance3
ENT 6400ENT 640Startup Sales & Marketing3

Lean Entrepreneurship Concentration Electives (9 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
ENT 6000ENT 600Customer Discovery & Business Models3
ENT 6300ENT 630Building the Team Startup Culture & HR3
ENT 6500ENT 650From Founder to Executive3
ENT 6600ENT 660Social Entrepreneurship3
ENT 6800ENT 680ntrepreneurship Practicum3
HIN 6200HIN 620Healthcare Innovation & Entrepreneurship3
HIN 6300HIN 630Agile Project Management3
HIN 6400HIN 640Leading Innovation and Change3