Asian Studies

Elms College is the only member of the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield to offer an Asian studies minor. This 18-credit interdisciplinary minor in Asian studies introduces you to the language, culture, history, and religion of this important part of the world. Skills and knowledge learned in this minor are useful for politics, business, and education, making it an ideal compliment to either a professional or liberal arts major.

Curriculum and Courses: Minor in Asian Studies (18 credits)

All courses carry 3 credits, unless otherwise indicated.

IDS 231 East/West: Contemporary Collisions and Collaborations
HIS 220 Asian History

IDS 223 China and the Chinese People
CHI 101 Novice Chinese I
CHI 102 Novice Chinese II
IDS 224 Study Abroad China

HUM 200 Introduction to the Japanese People and Culture
JPN 101 Novice Japanese I
JPN 102 Novice Japanese II
REL 214 World Religions: Eastern Traditions



Bioethics is concerned with the moral implications of biological and medical procedures, technologies, and treatments. It focuses on ways in which research is applied to clinical practice and public policy. Bioethics promotes dialogue between science, biotechnology, medicine, nursing, politics, law, philosophy and religion. By extension, bioethics now considers important questions related to the moral status of animals and the environment.

Bioethics is relevant to all students—it is the study of issues that regard all of life and our environment. Bioethics will be of particular importance to individuals who plan to be involved in any form of health care or scientific research.  Standardized tests such as the MCAT are working toward incorporating Bioethics concepts into their exams and medical schools are now using interviews that determine a student’s bioethical awareness and concern.

Bioethics Minor Curriculum (18 credits)

All courses carry 3 credits, unless otherwise indicated.

BIO 307 Bioethics

Biology, Social Work Courses (minimum of 3 credits):
BIO 105 Human Applications
BIO 110 Environmental Biology (3-4 credits)
BIO 221 Microbiology (Global Awareness) (3-4 credits)
BIO Cell Biology (3-4 credits)
BIO 321 Genetics (4 credits)
SWK 204 Human Behavior in the Social Environment (Global Awareness)

Philosophy or Religion courses (minimum of 3 credits):
PHI 242 Ethics
PHI 248 Health Care Ethics
REL 204 Contemporary Christian Ethics
REL 340 Spirituality & Values in Health Care
REL 248 Human Rights
SSD 218 Human Oppression
SSD 318 Confronting the Faces of Evil

Any of the following may be taken:
BUS 255 Introduction to Health Care Management
LEG 311 Health Law
SWK 303 Mental Health & Mental Illness
SWK 404 Aging
SOC 214 Sociology of Health Care
PSY 310 Gender
NUR 346 Mental Health in Nursing
REL 440 Addiction & Recovery



See the English major page.

Curriculum for Minor in English (18 credits)

ENG 133 Critical Approaches to Literature

Choose 6 credits:
ENG 201 World Literature I
ENG 202 World Literature II
ENG 381 American Literature I
ENG 382 American Literature II

Choose three upper-level (200+) English courses (9 credits)


Fine Arts

See the fine arts program page.

Curriculum for Minor in Art (18 credits)

ART 102 Drawing and Design I
ART 201 Painting I)
ART 213 Art History Survey I
ART 215 Art History Survey II
ART 340 Pottery
ART 345 Sculpture
Choose one ART elective



See the history major page.

Curriculum for Minor in History (18 credits):
Choose six history courses in consultation with a history faculty advisor.


Irish Studies

The interdisciplinary Irish studies minor explores many facets of Ireland in a way that complements our other majors. The minor is useful for students pursuing a career in education, business, or any opportunity that will have them traveling abroad.

In addition to course offerings, you benefit from a close relationship with the Irish Cultural Center of Western New England (ICC). Since 1999, the ICC and Elms College have brought prominent Irish scholars, politicians, and cultural figures to campus, such as Nobel Laureate Betty Williams, Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, and arms decommissioning monitors Rev. Alec Reid and Rev. Harold Good.

Our students have the opportunity to study in Ireland at such schools as the Innisfree College and Convention Center at St. Angela’s College in Sligo, and at Diseart in Dingle, County Kerry. Students can also work with faculty to arrange alternative study abroad experiences at other Irish colleges.

Curriculum and Courses: Minor in Irish Studies

All courses carry 3 credits, unless otherwise indicated.

Minor Requirements (18 credits)

Choose six of the following courses:

IDS 205 Irish American Urban Experience
HIS 208 Introduction to Irish Culture
HIS 326 Modern Britain
HIS 331 Northern Ireland and the Troubles
HIS 333 The American Irish
HIS 334 Modern Ireland
ENG 387 Irish Drama
IRI 101 Novice Irish I
IRI 102 Novice Irish II

Other courses may be offered to fulfill the minor credit requirements.  Consult the history department for more details.



The Elms College music curriculum guides you to a deeper understanding and appreciation of music in its aesthetic, cultural, and social contexts. Courses develop proficiency in voice and instrument, and theoretical and historical perspectives.

Students may pair a music minor with a degree in education, business, or any other major they feel will help them in their career. Or, students may simply use it to explore their interests and discover new ways to express themselves.

Curriculum and Courses: Minor in Music (18 credits)

All courses carry 3 credits, unless otherwise indicated.

Any three-credit music course – lecture or instrumental groups, concert choir, or applied piano – may be chosen to fulfill part of your core curriculum requirements.

MUS 107 Music Appreciation: The Art of Listening
MUS 201 Musicianship and Fundamentals of Music I
MUS 202 Musicianship and Fundamentals of Music II

Choose two (6 credits)
· Music of the World
· Music of the Americas
· Western Music History

Choose one MUS elective: (3 credits)
· Beginning Group Piano I and II
· Beginning Guitar
· Applied Piano
· One Voice
· Instrumental Groups



Our philosophy minor offers a breadth of perspective on the field. The courses complement each other, exploring such topics as theories of human nature, philosophy of art, and applications of ethics. Students who study philosophy often discover that it becomes the conceptual foundation of their major, and they acquire analytical skills that transfer to many careers. Philosophy can prepare students for careers in law, education, or business.

Curriculum and Courses: Minor in Philosophy (18 credits)

All courses carry 3 credits, unless otherwise indicated.

PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 101 Critical Thinking
Choose four PHI electives (12 credits)


Religious Studies

See the religious studies major page.

Curriculum and Courses: Minor in Religious Studies (18 credits)

REL 101 Contemporary Catholicism
Choose five REL electives (15 credits)



See the Spanish program page.

Curriculum and Courses: Minor in Spanish (18 credits)

Required two Core Courses: (6 credits / 2 courses)

SPA 220 Spanish Conversation I
SPA 226 Spanish Reading and Composition

Choose any four (4) additional Elective Courses such as the following: (12 credits)

SPA 227 Spanish for Heritage Language Speakers (Taught in English)
SPA 301/501 Literature and Civilization of Spain I
SPA 302/502 Literature and Civilization of Spain II
SPA 303/503 Literature and Civilization of Latin America I
SPA 304/504 Literature and Civilization of Latin America II
SPA 305/505 Spanish Translation (Taught in English and Spanish)
SPA 321 Spanish Conversation II
SPA 323 Advanced Spanish and Grammar and Composition
SPA 412/512 Hispanic Cultures in the United States (Taught in English)
SPA 415/515 Repression and Resistance (Taught in English)
SPA 418/518 El Cuento
SPA 425/525 Latina Literature (Taught in English)
SPA 440 20th Century Spanish Literature
SPA 444 20th Century Latin America
SPA 445/545 Literature & Cinema (Taught in English)
HUM 215 International Film