Librarians work closely with the various departments/divisions in order to build the library’s collections to support the teaching and mission of the college. All books and materials are selected in accordance with the library’s written Collection Development Policy.

Each of the academic departments/divisions receive an allocation from the annual materials budget. Each department/division is notified of their allocation as soon as possible each year and may send book/material orders to the Library Director. Faculty are responsible for ordering books, journal subscriptions, and other library materials to support the courses they teach. Faculty may submit book/material order requests directly to the Library Director or by completing an online order request card (PDF) or through a printed copy of the online order request card (PDF). Faculty members are notified when materials that they ordered are received and processed.

When filling out the request card please supply as much information as possible for each requested item. If you are ordering from a catalog, please send the catalog to the Acquisitions Librarian or the Library Director.