Foundational Core – 10 Credits

(BS to DNP only)
Technology: Methods and Tools for Graduate Study (1)
Translating and Integrating Evidence into Practice (3)
Nursing Knowledge and Practice (3)
Health Care Policy and Advocacy (3)

Clinical Core: Advanced Practice – 15 Credits

Advanced Diagnostic Analysis, Health and Physical Assessment with 30 hours of supervised lab practicum practice hours (4)
Advanced Pathophysiology (4)
Advanced Pharmacology and Therapeutics (4)
Clinical Decision Making and Diagnostic Reasoning for the Advanced Practice Nurse (3)

DNP Theory Core – 30 Credits

Organizational Systems and Quality Improvement (3)
Biostatistics and Informatics (3)
Research Methods and Translation for Advanced Practice (3)
Financial Management in Health Care Delivery (3)
Population Health and Epidemiology (3)
Leadership and Collaboration in Health Care Organizations (3)
DNP Immersion I: Role Development of the APRN Nurse Practitioner  (3)
DNP Immersion II: Scholarly Project – Project Idea (2)
DNP Immersion III: Scholarly Project – Project Development (2)
DNP Immersion IV: Scholarly Project – Project Implementation (2)
DNP Capstone: Scholarly Project – Project Evaluation (3)

Advanced Practice Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioner – 25 Credits

Primary Care I: Infancy through Adolescence and Practicum (4)
Primary Care II:  Young Adult to Older Adult and Practicum (6)
Primary Care III:  Women and Practicum (4)
Ethics for Advanced Practice (3)
Complex Health Problems in Primary Care and Practicum (6)
Transition into Practice and Certification Seminar (2)