Students enrolled in the RN-BS-MSN track first complete the required RN-BS coursework listed below. Once a specialty track has been selected for the MSN degree, students continue their education with additional core classes and seminars relevant to their focus.

Fall Session 1

NUR 311 Nursing as a Profession

NUR 260 Professional Communication

Fall Session 2

NUR 312 Adult Health Assessment/RN

MAT 143 Statistics

Spring Session 1

NUR 327 Family Theory/Application

NUR 317 Genomics: Application to Nursing

Spring Session 2

NUR 340 Evidence-based Nursing

Religion Course

Summer Session 1

NUR 438 Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Summer Session 2

No classes

Fall 2 Session 1

NUR 445 Population Health Nursing

NUR 532 Policy and Healthcare

Fall 2 Session 2

NUR 640 Leadership and Management

PHI 248 Healthcare Ethics