With a new student org established and a career plan to serve the underprivileged, Ornisha is focused on social justice.

Nursing major Ornisha Blanc ’19 of Brockton, Mass., is a resident advisor and co-founded the student organization Urban Affairs with Trisha Doret.

“Our mission is to bring new and diverse faces here on campus targeting controversial issues such as race and oppression,” Ornisha says. “We also plan on bringing new things to campus like up-and-coming artists, field trips, and other amazing things.”

Of her college experience, Ornisha says, “My favorite thing about Elms is building a connection with the people here on campus. It offers me an opportunity to not only just know my peers as my classmates but also my friends. Elms allows me to build a deeper connection with different people from different backgrounds.”

Social justice will be an important part of Ornisha’s life after college as well. “When I gain more experience as a nurse I plan on returning back to Haiti and creating a clinic for underprivileged children and their families.”