Photo of marketing and healthcare management major Cassie Sarno '19, MBA '20

Cassie Sarno ’19, MBA ’20

“Elms truly is a welcoming environment that fosters community involvement and growth for each of its students. There is no other place I would rather complete my education.”

A marketing and healthcare management double major, Cassie is working toward a career in public health, focusing specifically on combatting opioid abuse. She enrolled in the accelerated BA/MBA program to dig deeper into business strategy, logistics, and operations.

Fast-Track Your MBA and Set Yourself Apart

The accelerated BA/MBA program at Elms College puts you at the forefront of business leadership. Beginning as early as your junior year, you will take graduate courses to expand your skills in accounting, financial planning, healthcare leadership, management, or entrepreneurship. In five years you will earn two degrees, positioning yourself a step ahead of your peers as an ambitious, multitalented business expert.

Revolutionize Business Leadership

The MBA program emphasizes ethics to give students a framework for responsible leadership. Accelerated BA/MBA majors are prepared to lead their companies in a positive direction that balances organizational goals with respect for the greater good.

Seminar-style courses challenge you to think critically, analyze issues from multiple perspectives, and communicate your ideas clearly. Our expert faculty bring a wealth of experience to the classroom, putting case studies into context and dissecting current examples of business strategy. Accelerated BA/MBA students benefit from taking classes alongside experienced industry professionals, making the leap from textbooks and theory to real-world insights.

The accelerated BA/MBA program helps you develop holistically. You will gain both the soft skills and technical expertise that make for an effective leader. Whether you are focused on becoming a change agent in the Western Massachusetts economy, or a thought leader on the global business scene, our program will help you get there.

100% Hired

Accelerated BA/MBA accounting majors from the classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016 are all employed in their field – many had job offers before graduating. Students in this track can earn both degrees in 4.5 years. One of the main benefits of our accelerated accounting courses is that students earn the 150 credits required to sit for the CPA exam in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Students in the healthcare leadership, management, financial planning, and entrepreneurship tracks can earn their degree in five years, covering 156 credits.

Convenient Timeline

Undergraduate students enrolled in the program can take up to six MBA classes at half of the graduate tuition cost. Students can begin taking their MBA classes during their junior year, one night per week, in a flexible hybrid format that combines in-class meetings with synchronous online discussions.

Quick Info

Required Credits


Degree Option

  • Accounting
  • Financial Planning
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • The BA/MBA program can be completed in 4.5 or 5 years, depending on track.

    Lauren Picard '17, MBA '18

    Photo of accelerated BA/MBA graduate Lauren Picard '18“Whether it’s educationally, personally, or professionally, I feel like the accelerated BA/MBA program is very well rounded. That’s a different dynamic that Elms brings to the forefront, compared to other colleges in the surrounding area.”

    After earning her BA in business management and marketing in 2017, and her MBA in business management in 2018, Lauren obtained a position as an associate district manager with human resources giant ADP.