Major in Criminal Justice – 46 credits

(Min. at Elms College: 24 cr./Min. GPA: 2.5)

All courses carry three credits, unless otherwise indicated.

Core Criminal Justice Requirements (37 credits)

CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJ260 American Legal Systems
CRJ280 Principles of Criminal Investigations
CRJ310 Policing in America
CRJ312 Corrections and Rehabilitation
CRJ342 Effective Communications for the Criminal Justice Professional
CRJ460 Internship in Criminal Justice (4 cr)
CRJ490 – Criminal Justice Capstone
LEG209 Criminal Law and Procedure
LEG317 Constitutional Law
SOC305 Social Research
SOC306 Criminology

Criminal Justice Electives (choose 9 credits)

BIO215 Anatomy and Physiology
CRJ350 Probation, Parole, and Restorative Justice
CRJ360 Private Security
CRJ380 Global Perspectives in Criminal Justice
CRJ390 Technology in Criminal Justice
CRJ395 Homeland Security and Terrorism
LEG259 Family Law
LEG340 Advanced Criminal Law
LEG452 Juvenile Law
PSY206 Social Psychology
PSY304 Forensic Psychology
PSY335 Psychology of Adolescence
SOC209 Social Deviance
SOC320 Special Topics: Violence in America
SOC314 Victimology
SOC316 Racial and Ethnic Groups
SWK204 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
SWK391 Substance Abuse

Recommended courses that satisfy college core requirements (18 credits)

BIO113 Forensic Science
MAT109 Statistics
PED114 Intro. to Physical Fitness or PED131 Total Personal Fitness
PSY101 General Psychology
REL440 Addiction and Recovery
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Minor in Criminal Justice – 18 credits

CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CR260 American Legal Systems
CRJ310 Policing in America
CRJ312 Corrections and Rehabilitation
LEG290 Criminal Law and Procedure
SOC306 Criminology