Program Requirements

Students can prepare for admission to health professional schools by majoring in any subject, but they must include courses in their program that meet minimum requirements for entrance into the professional school of their choice. The science requirements are as follows:

CHE 121-122, General Chemistry
CHE 211-212, Organic Chemistry
PHY 105-106, General Physics
BIO 123-124, General Biology I and II

Two semesters of college math are required, and it is recommended that MAT 131-132 is included. Other recommended courses include BIO 215-216, BIO 301, BIO 321, BIO 326, and CHE 336.

Different medical and health professional school programs have specific requirements that need to be satisfied before the student applies to the program. Dr. Janet Williams has information on different program requirements. Students should familiarize themselves with the requirements of the programs to which they are applying and have regular consultations with Dr. Williams to ensure all mandatory requirements are met.