Elms College offers a complete and dedicated pre-physician assistant (PA) program that provides all of the prerequisites needed to apply to schools of physician assistant. Students who wish to apply to PA programs must have the required course work and the minimum number of documented patient care hours. Students should earn a CNA (certified nurse’s aide), EMT (emergency medical technician) or paramedic certification in order to complete the documented patient care hours requirement mandated by most PA schools. Most PA programs require a minimum of 500-2000 documented patient care hours (either volunteer or paid).

Affiliations, Linkages and Agreements
Elms College premed students who have completed the requirements set out by Marywood University’s PA program, are eligible to apply to the program for an interview. A recommendation letter of endorsement from Elms College premedical advisor is required. Students should contact the premedical advisor for more information.

We are a member of the National Association of Advisors of the Health Professions.