Photo of Brittany North '21, a secondary education and mathematics double major

Brittany North '21

“Education is really important because it paves the way for new generations. If we have a good education system, students will go far in life, and that will help everyone.”

A secondary ed and math double major, Brittany wants to make a difference at her local high school as an algebra teacher.

As a secondary education teacher, you face the particular challenges that come with a roomful of pre-teens and teenagers. A positive classroom environment that engages students and promotes equity among them is key to your and your students’ success. Our program teaches you how to maintain your students’ enthusiasm for subject matter, staying intellectually engaged while collaborating with colleagues, parents, and peers.

We show you how to plan your curriculum and lessons based on state requirements, while infusing them with multiple learning opportunities and meaningful achievement measures. We introduce you to current educational theories, best practices, and managing time and classroom resources.

Secondary Education students will be able to:

  • Plan curriculum and instruction based on state frameworks and appropriate pedagogy.
  • Deliver effective instruction by infusing lessons with high expectations, sufficient learning opportunities, and meaningful achievement measures.
  • Structure classroom climate and operation by establishing appropriate uses of time, space, and management strategies.
  • Promote equity by working to build on the assets each student contributes to the classroom culture and motivate effort among all students.
  • Meet professional responsibilities by maintaining an enthusiasm for both subject matter pedagogy and personal relationship building, while collaborating with colleagues, parents, and students.

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Required Credits


Our program prepares prospective teachers to work in

Grades 8 to 12:

  • Biology
  • Mathematics

Grades 5 to 12:

  • English
  • History
  • Spanish

Michael Fleury '18

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