A History of Engagement

Where your passions meet the needs of the world.

Charism refers to any good gift that flows from God’s love to humans. Striving to be part of that gift, over 350 years ago, six women gathered on a daily basis to share their hearts and serve their neighbor’s needs. Rather than cloistered, or, away from the outside world, they were active agents of change. In 1650, they formally became the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Elms College is a modern part of this living tradition. Here, Universal Inclusion, Interfaith, Community, Excellence and Justice aren’t abstractions, they’re the cherished values we work to manifest in the world and our lives. All are welcome, all are supported in their individual journey.

We are devoted to education, but again, not as an abstraction. We ask you to go deeper, to take a close, regular look at how you interact, in classes, at jobs, in relationships and ultimately with yourself. The goal of reflection is not only to understand a lesson or an idea, but to leave yourself open to a change of attitude or action in your daily life.

In short, we teach our students and ourselves how to transform into better versions of what we are.