New England in the fall boasts beautiful foliage, comfortable temperatures, and now, Elms College Reunion! Join us on campus, Saturday, October 13, 2018, for Reunion and Alumni Day. The festivities will kick off in the morning and run through the evening, with many exciting events and opportunities to catch up with classmates, meet current students, and interact with faculty members.

On the left side of this page, you can choose the category that best represents your class year to see all of the events offered! On behalf of the Elms College community, we cannot wait to welcome you back home in the fall.

List of registered attendees:

(Please note: this list does not automatically update. Last update: 10/12/18)

Class of 1948 (70th Reunion)

Sarah (Eisenmann) Seger

Class of 1950

Mary (O’Malley) Hayes

Class of 1951

Helene (Brady) Brennan
Barbara (Garde) Garvey
Joann (Akey) Rossi

Class of 1953 (65th Reunion)

Ruth (Crowley) Conway
Jean (Hogan) Doyle
Barbara (Maloney) Kirby

Class of 1957

Lorraine (McMahon) Dube

Class of 1958 (60th Reunion)

Francis (Finn) Delahanty
Eleanor (Vose) Diethelm
Margaret (Curran) Dowd
Mary (Martin) Foley
Barbara (Guardione) Guerra
Dorene Janes
Mary (Hunt) Keenan
Lois Lambert
Therese (Saccavino) Marsh
Kathleen Meenaghan
Barbara (Collins) O’Toole
Evelyn (Lachut) Sullivan
Margaret Wallace

Class of 1962

Lois Lynch

Class of 1963 (55th Reunion)

Margaret (Begley) Anderson
Miriam (Pratt) Chaput
Kathleen Donnellan
Polly (Shea) Gavin
Bunny (landers) Hood
Mary Ann (Cleary) Lucia
Sr. Eleanor Spring

Class of 1968 (50th Reunion)

Theresa Airoldi
Jean (Croddick) Avery
Connie (Kareta) Barre
Anne Marie Beauregard
Susan (Bocchino) Behl
Patricia (Paluch) Borowiec
Awilda Chaban-Colon
Marcia (Maloney) Chalker
Cynthia (Ploran) Charest
Ellen (Lahert) Coopee
Judith Cross
Gail (Fitzgerald) Cruise
Kathleen (Corridan) Culloo
Doreen (Harrison) Dooley
Donna (Bond) Dunn
Nancy (Menard) Gadbois
Oralee (Lamica) Ghazil
Mary Ellen (McDermott) Gray
Catherine Green
Elaine (Polek) Gustafson
Carol (Swiatlowski) Holden
Marilyn (Golas) Janes
M. Patricia (Whitman) Johnson
Kathleen Lewis-Malysz
Martha (Bergin) Liddy
Martha (Noonan) Murtaugh
Barbara (McGuire) Pajak
Joanne (Cyr) Pasquini
Jean (O’Brien) Paulhus
Nancy (Amodeo) Quinlan
Susan (Kellogg) Ricci
Joanne (Galvin) Stowe
Geri (Burrows) Tasker
Elizabeth (Flanagan) Thiffault
Kathy (Littlejohn) Thompson
Linda (Ferris) Tyberghein
Florinda (Santos) Valente
Bunny (Riley) Whitman
Mary (McGarry) Wile

Class of 1973 (45th Reunion)

Judy Cotter
Jean (Borowski) Jonker
Louise (Pictrowksi) Swider
Donna (Serafino) Vitulano

Class of 1978 (40th Reunion)

Julie (Cantwell) Bird
Susan Goldrick
Lisa Hodnicki
Margaret (Naughton) Hoogasian
Lynn Anne Leone
Barbara (Courchesne) Looney
Susan Lukas
Elizabeth (Dusza) Matrow
Linda (Walczewski) Mayorchak
Ann (Claffie) Mottley
Paulina (Ulmer) Sutliff
Diane Trela

Class of 1988 (30th Reunion)

Paula Bouchard
Lisa (Fitzsimmons) Connors
Christine (O’Hearn) DePierro
Mary (Sparks) Killiard
Lynn (Daigle) Korza
Colleen (Feeley) O’Connell
Lauren (Scibelli) Mullin
Mary Perkins-Dobek
Sharon (Lee) Reif

Class of 1993 (25th Reunion)

Shelley (Bradley) Fasano
Tara Garvey
Susan (McLaughlin) Harden
Shelly Lajoie-Carlson
Michelle (Choon) Kunzmann
Laura (Siddell) Maher
Maureen Markey
Lee Ann (Patruno) Murphy
Naomi (Amato) Nichols
Dipa Patel
Kimberly (George) Porter
Jennifer (Rodrigue) Putnam
Cheryl (Staruski) Rider
Deborah Shea-Kennedy
Sonya (Anderson) Smith
Jennifer (Healy) Spooner
Margaret Stango
Jennifer Turner-Miller
Dawn Waldron-Crane
Melissa (Donovan) Wensky
Kelly Woods

Class of 1995

Elizabeth (Ashe) Surprise

Class of 1996

Linda (Kieras) Kenny

Class of 1998 (20th Reunion)

Tommie Burton

Class of 2003 (15th Reunion)

Cheryl Condon
Amanda (Huston) Garcia
Kimberly (Fontaine) McCarthy

Class of 2005

Rachel Bradford

Class of 2006

Patrick Boyajian
Stephen Chenard
Sean Hammond
Jamie (Parslow) Picard

Class of 2007

Matthew Kapinos

Class of 2008 (10th Reunion)

Venessa Cline
Susan DaCruz
Christina (Giampetruzzi) Farrell
Jennifer LeDoux
Karyn Palomba
Michelle (Fernandes) Proulx
Lisa Zajaczkowski

Class of 2009

Laura Coulombe
Martha (Arment) Guinan
Ashlee McNamee
Julie Wickman

Class of 2010

Ashley Ziemba

Class of 2011

Destinee Meeker
Elena Vargas

Class of 2012

Alicia Campbell
Lauren Dembek
Erica Griffo
Edgar Martinez

Class of 2013 (5th Reunion)

Carl Arventos
Rachel Butt
Jessica Crosier
Arica (Schnopps) Griffin
Darius Griffin
Jeassel Rosario
Leah Spring

Class of 2014

Daniel Faustino
Brittany Howard
Kellie McLaughlin

Class of 2015

Joseph Coleman
Gina DiGiovanni
Gianna Gonyea
Anthony Nitri
Ashley Reid
Jaymes Saltis

Class of 2016

Roger Conklin
Nancy Davis
Maira Pantoja
Jacquelyn Pickett

Class of 2017

Clyde Harper
Egor Petrov
Meghan Shewchuk

Class of 2018

William Cajas
Hannah Spring

Reunion Giving