Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs at Elms College are designed with the student experience top-of-mind. With liberal arts at the core, our academic programs, and dynamic faculty give Elms students the confidence to enter the workforce effectively. Our degree programs provide the tools for students to discover their purpose and to succeed in our constantly changing world.

Division of Business

Accelerated BA/MBA (Major)
Accounting (Major/Minor)
Coaching (Minor)
Entrepreneurship (Major/Minor)
Entrepreneurship and Management (Major)
Graphic Design (Major/Minor)
Healthcare Management (Major)
Healthcare Management Online (Major)
Management (Major/Minor)
Marketing (Major/Minor)
Social Media (Major)
Sport Management (Major)

Division of Education

Early Childhood Education (Major)
Education Studies (Major/Minor)
Elementary Education (Major)
English as a Second Language (Major)
Moderate Special Needs (Major)
Secondary Education (Major)

Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

Asian Studies (Minor)
Bioethics and Medical Humanities (Minor)
English (Major/Minor)
Ethical Leadership (Minor)
Fine Arts (Minor)
History (Major/Minor)
Irish Studies (Minor)
Music (Minor)
Philosophy (Minor)
Religious Studies (Major/Minor)
Spanish (Minor)

Graduate and Certificate Programs

The Graduate and Certificate Programs at Elms College are designed especially with the busy professional in mind. In today’s world, time is valuable. Elms College tailors programs to blend into your busy schedule. And with over 30 degrees and certificates available from which to choose, our faculty are committed to your success.

Division of Business

Accounting (MBA)
Accounting & Financial Planning (MS)
BA/MBA Accelerated Program
Financial Planning (Certificate)
Financial Planning (MBA)
Healthcare Leadership (MBA)
Management (MBA)

Division of Education

Education (Master)
Education, Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) (Certificate)
Teaching (MAT)

Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

Applied Theology (Master of Arts)
Pastoral Studies (Certificate)
Theological Studies (Certificate)

Division of Natural Sciences

Biomedical Sciences (MS)
Global Health (Certificate)
MS of Biotechnology (BTS)
Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Technology
Pre-Medical (Postbaccalaureate Certificate)
Pre-Physician Associate (Physician Assistant) (Postbaccalaureate Certificate)

Off-Campus Programs

Elms at Asnuntuck Community College (ACC)

Social Work (B.S.)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)

Elms at Berkshire Health Systems (BHS)

RN-BSN Degree (BSN)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)

Elms at Holyoke Community College (HCC)

Accounting (B.A.)
Management and Marketing (B.A.)
Psychology (B.A.)
Healthcare Management (B.A.)
Entrepreneurship (B.A.)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)

Elms at Quinsigamond Community College (QCC)

RN-BSN Degree (BSN)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)

Elms at Berkshire Community College (BCC)

Social Work (B.S.)
Early Care and Education (B.A.)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)

Elms at Greenfield Community College (GCC)

Social Work (B.S.)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)

Elms at Mount Wachusett Community College (MWCC)

Psychology (B.A.)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)

Elms at Springfield Technical Community College (STCC)

Social Work (B.S.)
Computer Science (B.A.)
Computer Information Technology and Security (CITS) (B.A.)
RN-BSN Degree (Online)