Why Elms for your Asian Studies minor?

  • We are the only member of the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield to offer a minor in Asian Studies.
  • Study abroad experiences broaden your worldview.
  • For over 20 years, Elms and the University of Kochi in Japan have participated in the Friendship Partners exchange program. You can get involved as a host and introduce Japanese students to different aspects of American culture.

Explore the Languages and Cultures of Japan and China.

Earning a minor in Asian studies introduces you to the languages, cultures, histories, and religions of Japan and China. Small class sizes offer the ideal environment to learn introductory Japanese or Chinese, which you have the opportunity to further develop on faculty-led study abroad trips. You’ll also consider the historical trajectories of either nation and how they relate to current events and global discourse.

Building knowledge of other cultures is an invaluable skill for business, education, nursing, social work, and a variety of other career paths, which makes this an ideal course of study for both professional studies and liberal arts majors.


Click to view course requirements for the Asian Studies minor.

Required Courses

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ENG 2301East/West: Contemporary Collisions and Collaborations3
HIS 2200Asian History3


Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
IDS 2203China and the Chinese People3
CHI 1001Novice Chinese I3
CHI 1002Novice Chinese II3
IDS 2204Study Abroad China3


Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
HUM 2000Introduction to the Japanese People and Culture3
JPN 1001Novice Japanese I3
JPN 1002Novice Japanese II3
REL 2104World Religions: Eastern Traditions3