Promoting the arts at Elms College for more than twenty-five years, the Borgia Gallery seeks to expand and challenge our understanding of art and the world around us through a diverse program of artworks and artists. Presenting a minimum of six shows each academic year, we are delighted to host thematic and conceptual exhibitions, invited national and regional artists, and student art showcases. The gallery is always free and open to the public.

Supported through the generous funding of the Humanities and Fine Arts Division at Elms College, the Borgia Gallery is curated and directed by Cecily Hughes.

Current Digital Exhibition

In support of the social distancing measures recommended by the CDC, the Borgia Gallery is closed to all at visitors at this time. However, everyone is invited to view the digital version of our Spring Student Art Show!

2020 Spring Student DIGITAL Art Show

Curatorial Independent Study Presentation by Ryan Shea, ’20

Vincent Van Gogh & Kuroda Seiki

Previous Exhibitions

The Funky Phoenix: Transforming Art & History. Gary and Kristina Cardot, reclamation artisans

The Funky Phoenix: Gary and Kristina Cardot

Priya Nadkarni GreenAndrae Green: AMBIDEXTROUS

Priya Nadkarni Green & Andrae Green: AMBIDEXTROUS2020 -Ambidextrous Andrae borgia gallery - TV slide

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Visitor Information

Free and open to the public
Open daily from 8:30am–4pm during all posted exhibition dates, except college holidays
Located in the Mary Dooley College Center, 2nd Floor
291 Springfield St. Chicopee, MA 01013