Discover Your Purpose!

At Elms College, we take our mission to heart. We strive to educate a diverse group of students in a supportive, vibrant learning community. Our students are part of the Elms community from day one and it is our job to provide a campus experience that is inclusive and engaging. Life at Elms is about giving both undergraduate and graduate students the best environment to learn and grow. Combining a liberal arts education with professional studies, Elms College empowers students to effect positive changes in the community and in the world.

Educating Students of All Backgrounds and Religions

Founded in 1928, the College of Our Lady of the Elms is a dynamic, Catholic, coeducational liberal arts institution that is dedicated to educating all students of all backgrounds and religions. We provide an academic strategy based on developing a strong sense of what each person can contribute to the world, to their neighborhood, and to one another. To embody these goals, we create a welcoming community that not only enables our students to thrive but one that they’ll take with them after they graduate.