Congratulations on your acceptance to Elms College!

We look forward to having you join our community. To make sure you’re ready for the fall semester, review the items below.

If you have questions (or just want to share how excited you are), call or email the Admission Office: or 413-592-3189.

1. Pay enrollment deposit

Personal Information

To officially reserve your spot for enrollment, submit your enrollment form and $200 deposit via mail or pay via credit card below:

Credit Card Info

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Master Pass

2. Start making connections

Share in the Excitement

You’ve been accepted! And you’ve worked really hard to get here. Share your excitement and your Elms College pride using your class hashtags.


#Future Blazer


Connect with Elms College Admission

To stay up-to-date on important deadlines and upcoming events, follow Elms College Admission on SnapchatFacebook, and Twitter.

3. Register for Blazer Day

Blazer Day will take place over the summer. Check back soon to register.

4. Apply for Financial Aid

If you haven’t done so, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Elms College code is: 002140

Check out our Financial Aid Timeline to stay on track.

If you have questions about your package, please contact our Financial Aid Office: or 413-265-2249.

5. Submit Required Health Forms

You will need to submit the following forms to the Elms College Health Center:

  1. Meningitis Form
  2. Report of Medical History Form
  3. Medical Examination Form


  • Completed physical examination form completed by your healthcare provider. The physical exam must be within 12 months of your entrance to Elms College.
  • A health history form completed by the student.
  • Two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine or laboratory confirmation of immunity.
  • Two doses of live varicella vaccine or laboratory confirmation of immunity. Non-nursing majors may submit a signed statement from their healthcare provider that there is a reliable history of chickenpox disease. Non-nursing majors born in the United States before 1980 are exempt from this requirement.
  • Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine or laboratory-confirmed immunity.
  • A single dose of Tdap vaccine. For non-nursing majors, if it has been less than five years since the last dose of Td vaccine, a Tdap will not be required.
  • A single dose of the meningitis vaccine within five years or a signed meningitis waiver.
  • Complete federally mandated sexual assault seminar (see below).

All incoming students are required to complete a sexual assault seminar.

Nursing majors: In addition to the above, nursing majors must submit documentation of Tuberculosis Testing through 1 of the 3 options.

  1. Two PPD skin tests and readings, each test must be 1-3 weeks apart. PPD testing must at least 7 days apart and no more than 21 days apart.
  2. QFT lab work.
  3. Tspot lab work.

Athletes: Submit documentation of a urinalysis, a hemoglobin or hematocrit, and a sickle cell screening report.

Parents, Family Members, and Guardians

Students should contact the Health Center directly regarding questions about their health or medical records. A signed HIPPA release is required for the Health Center staff to communicate with any other individual. Please note that a signed FERPA release does not apply to Health Center interactions.

6. Living on Campus

Resident students who deposit on or before May 1 will receive priority consideration for housing assignments. If you are a resident student, you will need to fill out a housing questionnaire. The questionnaire will be available early March.

If you meet someone you’d like to request as a roommate (even after filling out your questionnaire), please make sure you both email and mutually make the request.

7. Register for Accepted Students Day

This is the day we celebrate you – our accepted students! Share the excitement of the Elms community as we welcome you and your family to campus. This is your opportunity to explore campus a little deeper – meet current students, faculty, and staff, and engage in hands-on academic sessions, explore the Student Activities fair, and connect with your future classmates. It’s truly the best way to discover what life will be like as an Elms Blazer. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Click here to register for Accepted Students Day.

8. Share your Elms College spirit!

You’re a Blazer now. What better way to show off your newfound Elms College spirit than with a phone case, fleece blanket, or beanie emblazoned with the Elms logo. You can find these and other fun products on our bookstore website.

9. Placement Test Accommodations

Incoming students may be required to complete a placement test for English and/or foreign language courses. Students with disabilities are entitled to receive reasonable accommodations for these placement tests.

Students wanting placement exam accommodations should contact Student Accommodations and Support Services at or 413-265-2333.