Alumni Benefits

Save on auto, home and renter’s insurance with Liberty Mutual.

The Elms College Alumni Association has partnered with Liberty Mutual to help you save on your car and home insurance needs. This partnership has saved our alumni over $50,000 in the last decade, and in return, has allowed our alumni association to grow in its mission to support the college.

24-Hour Claims Assistance, 24-Hour Emergency Home Repair and our optional 24-Hour Roadside Assistance*.
Choose the payment option best for you: direct billing, online payment, or automatic deductions from your bank account or credit card
Massachusetts residents, call Marco Amato at 1-800-208-3041 ext. 50139; all other states: 1-800-835-0894.

Discounted, $275 membership to the Maguire Center

  • A full line of “Cybex” equipment and free weights
  • An assortment of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, elliptical machines, stair masters, and bicycles
  • Free style swimming or water exercise classes
  • The gymnasium area is available for pick-up basketball games and other ball related sports
  • An indoor track

Free Alumnae Library Membership

Career Center

  • Individual career counseling assessment resources
  • Job search technique and preparation workshops and advising
  • Graduate school information
  • The Opportunity Network–an online job database
  • Post jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities
  • Employer information
  • Career library

Alumni Association Career Management Community

We realize the job search process has changed. To help you stay current, we’ve asked the nation’s top career authors and experts to share tips, tools and best practices you can use to manage your career and job searches.

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Audit a Course

You are also welcome to continue your education by auditing courses at 50 percent off the regular course tuition.

Money Smarts

After graduation, we want you to stay money smart. To do so, please check out some of these Elms approved financial resources. We also recommend some of the financial calculators found here.

Travel Opportunities

The Elms College Alumni Association is your ticket to the world’s cultures, sights, and sounds. We handle the arrangements and work with high quality providers so that you can relax, immerse, and explore your dream destinations. To learn about upcoming trips, please email .


The Elms College Alumni Association is a group of dedicated individuals who support the goals and mission of the college and serve as the voice of our alumni in the strategic planning process. Every Elms College alum is eligible to participate in the association’s events and continue playing an important role in the future of the college. For more information on how to get involved, please email .

Class Notes

Do you have any big announcements that you would like to share with the Elms community? If so, send information on engagements and marriages, births, promotions or awards, graduations, the passing of Elms alums, or other items of interest. Submit class notes here.

Elms College Memoriam


Olive Lombard ’35
H. Roberta Decker Kirby ’37
Kathryn Gibbons Walters ’41
Mary Frances Honnen, SSJ ’42
Dorothy Heffernan Watterson ’43
Doris Gobeille Fisk ’44
Mary Dooling Molloy ’44
Mary Mahoney McCarthy ’45
Lois Boland Quinn ’46
Patricia Dowling ’46
M. Esther Dillon ’46
Mary Jane Flood Pignatelli ’46
H. Patricia Bardsley O’Neill ’46
Ruth Kennedy Geanacopoulus ’46
Margaret Galleshaw Halacy ’47
B. Jacqueline Patrie Willemain ’48
Eleanor Shea Crossley ’48
Mary Jane O’Malley LaRocque ’48
Shirley Leroy Tremblay ’49
Marion Hoar ’49
Clare Ryan ’49
Maureen Keating Pooler ’49
Marguerite Corrinet ’49
Irene Morin Remillard ’49
Margaret Lively Schultz ’50
Patricia Tierney Campbell ’50
Mary Jean Davis Crowley ’50
Eileen Doherty Redmond ’51
Evelyn Matarese SND ’51
Ann Larkin Ryan ’51
Margaret Scanlon ’52
Dorothea Anetzberger Zanetti ’53
Eleanor McFadden Fournier ’54
Eleanor Bissonette Cunningham ’55
Joan McCabe Grant ’56
Mary Fitzgerald De Marco ’56
Mary Crowley Pikiell ’56
James Bernard Laughnane, SSJ ’56
Martha Sponske Talbot ’56
Marie O’Connor Moriarty ’56
Mary Lou Griffin Rubino ’56
Marilyn McClemon Wilkins ’56
Maureen Fitzgerald ’57
Mary Carroll Downey ’57
Patricia Sharron, SSJ ’57
Helene Michael Nihill, SSJ ’57
Lucy Mae Nowakowski Ashe ’57
Mary Lou Lacey, SSJ ’58
Rose-Ellen Keenan Sweeney ’58
Helene Meagher Sullivan ’59
Ruth Quinn, SSJ ’59
Elizabeth Sadowski Beuchert ’60
Loretta Scarlett, SSJ ’60
Madeline Hayes ’61
Jean Chambers Himmelsbach ’62
Claire Ann Fitzpatrick ’62
Marjorie Fiorentino Van Houten ’62
Barbara Broderick Trova ’62
Mary Belanger Traversa ’63
Rosemary Kelly Marczewski ’63
Jeanne Archey ’63
Marcia Percy Cecchini ’64
Patricia Fitzgibbon Morin ’64
Sheila Nee Harris ’64
Judith Blackmer Collins ’65
Mary-Ellen Nichols Gretler ’65
Anne Marie Donohue Russo ’65
Ruth McLean Bay ’65
Marilyn Daly ’65
Eleanor Casey ’66
Patricia Krzelest ’66
Suzanne Noponen ’68
Rosetta Fish Grimm ’68
Kathleen Martin Hitas ’68
Jo-Ann McGahan ’68
Lillian DiMaso Sonsini ’69
Lynda Thomson Hague ’69
Dorothy Goggins Lecours ’69
Doris Harland, SSJ ’69
Dawne Birtz ’70
Marie Bailey ’70
Susan Menanson ’71
Elaine Frydryk Tenerowicz ’72
Noreen Moran ’74
Susan Laforest Ed.D ’75
Donna Beggs DiBernado ’77
Rosemary Danaher ’83
Melanie Kuczarski Nicholl ’84
Elsine Haddad Sadak ’86
Dorothy Mahoney Bourke ’88
Lois Girard ’90
Judith Rimondi Zorzi ’91
Sandra Martinelli Reissour ’91
Suzanne Germain O’Donnell ’91
Joyce Lynch Desorcy ’94
Elizabeth Baltazar Colaccino ’94
Diane Meador Dube ’94
Judy Desgres-Cote ’96
Tammy Jacobson-Landon ’98
Roger Gordon ’99
Barbara Snodgrass ’04
Keith Sullivan ’07
Matthew Walsh ’08

Friends of the College

Donald Ashe
Karl Berger
Chester Borys
Laurette Boudreau
Aline Norton Caine
Peter Clement, Ph.D (Former Faculty)
Joanne Engelbrecht (Former Staff)
Gretchen Fox (Former Faculty)
William Frain (Former Trustee)
Leo Hoar
Leroy Jarrett
Ann Loveland
Dorothy Molnar, Ed.D (Faculty)
Margaret Richter
Joyce Robsham
Nancy Underwood
Mary Vaughan
Anna Mae Wesloski

Mother Of

Judith Gooch Lowe ’63
Jany Mitchell Allen ’67
Maryellen Vaughan Comollo ’74
Diane Trela ’78
Deborah Hall ’79
Mary Dowd Hurst ’79
Barbara Ryan Footit ’90
Susan Ducharme Ryder ’94
Elizabeth Ashe Surprise ’95
Heidi Morin ’97
Ellyn Hitas ’98
Susan Dennett Moore ’98
Walter Breau, Ph.D. (Administration)
John Quinn (Trustee)

Father of

Suzanne Borys O’Neil ’83
Nancy Healey Tessier ’70
Darlene Czapla Dewhurst ’76
Francine Bobinski Bigda ’79
Michele Plourde Barker ’81
Martha Ryan Ross ’87
Sandra Thompson ’90
Nancy Davis ’16
Richard O’Connor (Staff)
James Forhan
Deborah Roncari
Robin Roncari

Sister of

Kathleen Keating, SSJ ’52
Anne Keenan ’58
Dorothy Crowley Chekas ’59
Irene Rahilly ’64
Sandra Fiorentino Howie ’66
Sally Martin Henegan ’70
Mary Keenan ’71
Anabela Baltazar Fernandes ’02

Brother of

Joan Donnelly Butler ’69
Kathleen Keough ’69
Mary-Patricia Healy Stagen ’77
Destinee Meeker ’11
Richard Sullivan Jr. (Trustee)
Joan Kagan (Trustee)
Elizabeth Knight

Daughter of

Mary Hogan McMahon ’59
Marianne Carney McCauley ’77

Nephew of

Judith Kennedy ’59

Husband of

Anne Haran Powers ’55
Alice Buxton Preece ’55
Constance Grippo ’57
Marilyn Deignan Shepardson ’58
Marlene Mullin Robinson ’59
Carol Barry Powell ’62
Mary Herring Belluardo ’62
Ruth Owens Zaniboni ’63
Anne Conlee Cronin ’64
Sandra Hodge Turban ’64
Ann Caron Walden ’64
Kathleen Vosburgh, PH.D ’66
Adelle Stonina Love ’66
Susan McCarthy Himmelman ’67
Martha Bergin Liddy ’68
Rosemary Kibbe Robb ’69
Sharon Brady Fowlston ’69
Mary Thompson Sacenti ’70
Barbara Taraska Dvorchak ’71
Kathleen Riddle ’74

Father-in-law of

Paula Signet Fitzgerald ’83

Mother-in-law of

Lynn Daigle Korza ’88
Maria Sullivan Staff

Grandfather of

Laura Kulig ’11

Grandmother of

Patrick Hurst ’07
Megan Hurst Murca ’11
Jennifer Perchak ’14
Kerry Hurst Bouchard

2018 in memoriam
2017 in memoriam
2016 in memoriam