Volunteer for Elms

One of the easiest and most satisfying ways to give back to Elms is to volunteer your time and expertise. Class agents, telethon callers, and other volunteers contact fellow alumni and friends of the college to invite them to events such as Homecoming and Reunion. This personal touch is just one way to ensure that alumni gatherings and fundraising events are a success.

Become a Class Agent

Get involved with Elms College and stay in touch with fellow alumni by becoming a class agent. As a class agent you will represent your class at alumni events, encourage your class to attend Elms activities, and contact your classmates to  promote participation in the annual fund. Contact Theresa Peloquin at peloquint@elms.edu or 413-265-2213 to talk over the responsibilities for yourself or for you to partner with a classmate to take on this interactive role with Elms College.

Participate in Telethon

Alumni volunteers are an appreciated and necessary component to the continued success of our fundraising activities. Join our student volunteer telethon callers and connect with fellow alumni to ask for their support of Elms College. Callers are on the phones in the fall and spring. Our alumni telethon volunteers always take the opportunity to reminisce about old times and catch up with their classmates – after you talk about how their contributions benefit the college, of course. Contact Theresa Peloquin at peloquint@elms.edu or 413-265-2213 for details on upcoming scheduled dates and for participation sign-up.