Why Elms for your Fine Arts minor?

  • Regularly exhibit your work in the Borgia Gallery.
  • Diversify your skill set and explore new avenues for creative expression.
  • Gain new perspectives and frameworks for your major.

Think Critically While You Get Your Hands Dirty

The fine arts minor encourages creative expression through drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, and mixed media. Students enjoy ample opportunity to experiment with new media and techniques, as well as exhibit their work in the Borgia Gallery every semester.

Classes on art history stimulate interdisciplinary thinking, and offer the ideal avenue for students to explore a new discipline in relation to their major. Graphic design, social media, marketing, and education majors can especially benefit from technical and theoretical expertise in fine arts.

Quick Info

Graduates from our program have gone on to earn master of fine arts degrees from schools around the world and work as graphic designers, art therapists, teachers, and freelance artists.


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Minor in Art (18 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
ART 1002ART 102Drawing and Design I3
ART 2001ART 201Painting I3
ART 2103ART 213Art History Survey I3
ART 2105ART 215Art History Survey II3
ART 3400ART 340Pottery3
ART 3405ART 345Sculpture3
Choose one additional ART elective in consultation with a fine arts faculty advisor.3