Why study Ethical Leadership?

● The minor in Ethical Leadership offers a practical, multidisciplinary approach to the primary theoretical and empirical facets of ethical leadership: conscience, influence, character, power, courage, justice, and the common good.
● The minor makes available, in streamlined and easily navigable fashion, a 2,500-year history of sustained thinking about ethical reasoning, decision science, and leadership theory.
● The minor presents, in concentrated form, the best of what Elms College has to offer:
multidisciplinary personal, professional, moral, and spiritual development in the tradition of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

The minor in Ethical Leadership:

  1. Provides students with a substantive background in the cognitive science of moral reasoning, with particular focus on the concepts most relevant to effective ethical leadership: conscience, influence, character, power, courage, justice, and the common good.
  2. Develops students’ moral decision making abilities through the application of ethical theory to a broad base of contemporary problems in personal, professional, and social life.
  3. Offers rigorous, multicultural training in the construction and critiques of historical and contemporary models of ethical leadership.

Who should enroll in the program?

  • Current or prospective undergraduate students planning for or already engaged in careers in business, education, science, healthcare, law, social science, CITS, biotechnology, and humanities. In brief, all undergraduate majors can integrate and benefit from this minor.

Quick Info

For more information about the Ethical Leadership Program at Elms College, please contact Dr. Peter DePergola at depergolap@elms.edu.


Click to view course requirements for the Ethical Leadership minor.

Required Courses (6 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ETH 3305Moral Responsibility (offered every Fall semester)3
ETH 3306Ethical Leadership (offered every Spring semester)3

Elective courses (including, but not limited to): 12 Credits

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
BMH 3007Bioethics3
BMH 3009Global Health Ethics3
BMH 3010Clinical Research Ethics3
BMH 3200Comparative Religious Bioethics3
BMH 4500Advanced Research in Bioethics and Medical Humanities3
CIT 1006Cyber Ethics3
PED 2004Ethics in Sports3
PHI 2104Ethics versus Oppression3
PHI 2402Ethics3
PHI 2406Business Ethics3
PHI 2408Healthcare Ethics3
PHI 2600Contemporary Moral Issues3
REL 2004Contemporary Christian Ethics3
REL 3504Life and Death Decisions in Catholic Thought3
SSD 2108Human Oppression3