Why Elms for your Music minor?

  • Discover new ways to express yourself.
  • Develop specialized knowledge to pair with your major. Early childhood and elementary education majors can translate music appreciation to the classroom.
  • No prior experience necessary — explore a new subject and gain transferable skills in the process.
  • Get involved with the Elms Choir and perform at campus events.

Boundless Creative Expression

The Elms College music minor guides you to a deeper understanding and appreciation of music in its aesthetic, cultural, and social contexts. It’s also the perfect option for exploring your creativity and developing new talents — even if you have no prior experience with singing or playing instruments.

Take courses on a variety of topics, including music theory, world music, and jazz history. Once you understand the fundamentals of music, you’ll discuss its evolution as a discipline from different theoretical and historical perspectives. Your electives even offer the chance to develop proficiency in voice and an instrument, in either independent study or group settings.

Minoring in music is an effective way to diversify your skill set and infuse your major with new ideas.

  • Education majors can incorporate music appreciation and expression in the classroom setting.
  • Business majors can sharpen their critical thinking and analysis skills to support organizational operations.
  • Humanities majors can connect historical and literary texts to wider cultural movements and discourses.


Click to view course requirements for the Music minor.

Any three-credit music course – lecture or instrumental groups, concert choir, or applied piano – may be chosen to fulfill part of your core curriculum requirements.

Minor Requirements (18 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
MUS 1007Music Appreciation: The Art of Listening3
MUS 2001Musicianship and Fundamentals of Music I3
MUS 2002Musicianship and Fundamentals of Music II3

Choose two (6 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
Music of the World3
Music of the Americas3
Western Music History3

Choose one MUS elective (3 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
Beginning Group Piano I and II
Beginning Guitar
Applied Piano
One Voice
Instrumental Groups