MSN in School Nursing, 100% Online

School nursing is a multifaceted, specialized practice of public health. School nurses use advanced skills to address the complex health needs of students within a school community setting.

The MSN in school nursing track at Elms College emphasizes a role-focused curriculum. Building off of the college’s core MSN components, the program highlights how school nurses act as specialized public health educators.

Students in the school nursing track complete two practicum courses, taken at the end of the program after all required courses are completed, where they apply their knowledge and skills in a school health area of practice. MSN students also develop leadership strengths and gain health teaching experience, preparing them for a range of rewarding career paths.

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Applications for the school nursing program are accepted on a rolling basis, which means you can begin your journey to an MSN degree at any time. Courses are offered entirely online, and can be completed at your own pace, giving you the freedom to balance work, life, and academic commitments.

MSN students completing their practicum hours are required to attend a few online classes at specific times. These class sessions are announced in advance and scheduled in consultation with the class instructor.

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Classes are 100% online


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Plan of Study: 8-Week Semester
Year 1, Fall 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5005Nursing Knowledge & Practice3
NUR 6001Technology: Methods & Tools for Graduate Study 1
NUR 6402Nursing and Healthcare Informatics1

Year 1, Fall 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6400Leadership and Management in Healthcare 3
NUR 6204Pharmacology for the Master’s Prepared Nurse3

Year 1, Spring 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6605Principles of Population Health, Public Health, and the Role of the School Nurse3
NUR 6603Health & Wellness: Complex Issues in School Nursing3

Year 1, Spring 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5302Health Care Policy and Advocacy3
EDU 7603Students with Disabilities3

Year 1, Summer 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6109Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology3

Year 1, Summer 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6107Advanced Comprehensive Health Assessment3

Year 2, Fall 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6601School Nurses as Public Health Educators3

Year 2, Fall 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5105Translating and Integrating Evidence into Practice3

Year 2, Spring 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6901School Nurse Practicum I3

Year 2, Spring 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6902School Nurse Practicum II3