Stephanie Scherpa ’19

“Elms has taught me how to find evidence-based research and work on implementing the changes for those quality and safety initiatives that affect the patient experience.”

As a nurse manager at Baystate Medical Center, Stephanie leads a 66-member staff. Her passion for nursing leadership led her to complete her MSN at Elms. Click below to learn more about Stephanie’s experience in the MSN program.

MSN in Nursing and Health Services Management

This contemporary program is designed to meet the challenging role and scope of the nurse leader’s practice in today’s healthcare delivery system.

Nursing and Health Services Management graduates are prepared to fill leadership roles across the healthcare delivery system and within a variety of organizational and health care settings.

The program includes two unique and sequential practicum courses, taken at the end of the program after all required courses are completed, that provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills learned — and gain leadership and management experience with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and creativity.


Click to view course requirements for the MSN in Nursing and Health Services Management.

Plan of Study: 8-Week Semester
Year 1, Fall 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5005Nursing Knowledge & Practice3
NUR 6001Technology: Methods & Tools for Graduate Study1

Year 1, Fall 2

Course #Course NameCredits
HCL 6105Business Dynamics of Healthcare3
NUR 6400Leadership and Management in Healthcare3

Year 1, Spring 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5105Translating and Integrating Evidence into Practice3
NUR 6101Excel1
HCL 6500Information Systems in Healthcare & Nursing3

Year 1, Spring 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5302Health Care Policy and Advocacy3
NUR 6207Financial Management3
HCL 6600Global Perspectives in Healthcare Management3

Year 1, Summer 1

Course #Course NameCredits
HCL 6305Managing Human Capital in Healthcare3

Year 2, Fall 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6801Nursing & Health Services Management Practicum I3

Year 2, Fall 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6802Nursing & Health Services Management Practicum II3