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Paying for graduate school can seem overwhelming, but rest assured we’re here with experienced, personal assistance every step along the way.


When planning for college costs, the following is a starting point.

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees
Tuition per credit Comprehensive Fee (one time) Per Semester fees (includes tech and reg fees)
MBA Programs, MBA/MSN Dual Degree Program, MS in Acct/Fin Planning $854 $538 $100
MSN Programs $854 N/A $70
MAT, MAAT, ASD, CSD, M.Ed. Programs $482 N/A $70
Biomedical Program $699 $1,000 $70
MSW at SLU Tuition information can be found here.

[Click here for the DNP Tuition and Fees]

If you are considering a Certificate Program please call (413-265-2456) or email the Graduate Admission Office for pricing.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the fees, all students carrying 9 credits or more are required to have health insurance. To enroll in the Elms College plan, or to submit a waiver with proof of other insurance, go to www.universityhealthplans.com.

2020-2021 Housing Options
Building Cost Meal Plan Audience Info
Living-Learning, Community and Cultural Center $1,000 (Shared Room)
$1,400 (Private Room)
(10 month lease)
optionalPostbac and biomed students Learn more
Grant Street $595 (Small Room)
$670 (Medium Room)
$795 (Large Room)
(10 month lease)
optional female graduate and postbac students Learn more
Casino Street $1,000/month
(10 month lease)
optional male graduate and postbac students Learn more

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

We recognize the fact that financing a graduate education is a significant investment for students and their families, but especially in today’s economy, an advanced degree just might be your ticket to a stable career.

While it is the responsibility of the student to pay college expenses prior to the beginning of each semester, Elms College is aware that many families may require financial assistance. Completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa enables you to begin financing your graduate education. The Elms College code for FAFSA is 002140. If you have provided the Elms College code, the Department of Education will forward an electronic copy of your completed FAFSA to the college.

For more information about financial aid for graduate students, click here.