General Information

All students are required to park in designated parking areas at all times and have a valid parking permit for that location. You may have as many parking permits as you have vehicles (one (1) per vehicle). Permits should be placed on the driver’s side rear window. If your permit is not displayed properly (sticking to a window) this may result in a parking fine. If your vehicle has tinted windows you may put the parking permit in the most visible location. All cars operated by students, staff, faculty, and employees must be registered with Elms College Public Safety. Registration is mandatory.

Important Information

All cars operated by students, staff, faculty, and employees must be registered with Elms College Public Safety. Students should complete the ‘Student Parking Registration Form’. There will be no charge for parking this coming school year. Once you arrive on campus in the fall, you will be able to pick up your parking pass.

Student Parking Registration Form

Employee Parking Registration Form

Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Elms Campus Map-Parking Lots & Blue Light Emergency Call Phones

Commuter Parking

Commuters must park in Lot B. Lot B is on the corner of Springfield Street and Fairview Street. If Lot B is full you may park in Lot C resident parking. If both of these lots are full please contact Public Safety and you will be directed to open parking. Commuters arriving for evening classes may move into open spaces in the A lot after 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Resident Parking

Residents are required to park in Lot C, which begins at the far side of the Physical Plant and extends to the Softball Field. If Lot C is full please contact Public Safety for help locating other parking. If you are a resident of Devine Hall you may park in the spaces beside Devine Hall. There is no parking in the area directly in front of Devine Hall (grass/driveway) at any time. These spaces are NOT exclusive to Devine Hall residents and once they are full you must park in Lot C. Devine Hall residents are not allowed to park in the A Lot. A lot includes the areas next to the chapel and extends to the playing fields. This restriction also includes the parking circle in front of the Maguire Center. Any student arriving back on or leaving campus, who does not feel comfortable walking to/from their designated parking area, should call Public Safety for a courtesy escort.

Visitor Parking

Visitors to the Elms College are required to park in the spaces marked “Visitor.” If you have a guest and the visitor spaces are full they may park in the next available space. The visitor may contact Public Safety to arrange for a temporary parking permit. If your guest is a member of the Elms College community they are required to park in the lot they are assigned. No students, staff, or faculty member should park in the Visitor Lot at any time.

Snow Removal

If we are expecting a snow storm all residents, including those that live in Devine Hall, must park in Lot C. Please pay attention to weather reports and postings around campus. If you plan to be off campus for an extended period of time and it may snow, please move your car to the rear of Lot C. Every motor vehicle parked on campus will be expected to follow snow storm parking restrictions.

Snow plowing is very labor intensive and time consuming. Once the largest sections of the lots are clear, please move your cars back to a clean parking space in your assigned lot. This will help snow removal efforts and allow for faster clearing. Violations will be written to cars that do not comply and cannot be voided. Vehicles that do not comply also may be subject to tow.

In the event of parking restrictions due to a snow storm, you may also check the light on the top of the guard shack located at the rear of O’Leary Hall by the entrance to C Lot. The building is equipped with a flashing roof top light. When this light is on, all residents will be asked to park their vehicles in the B lot by the Gaylord house. When possible the use of e-mail notification and additional signage will be used. Once C Lot is cleared the light will be extinguished and e-mail and signage will direct residents/commuters/staff/ faculty etc. back to the appropriate lots.

Event Parking

During the school year, Elms College will host large events. On those occasions the Public Safety Department will direct all the cars to available spaces. You are expected to go to your assigned parking lot. If there are no spaces available you may park in the next available space closest to your lot. You may not leave your car there. You must park it in your designated lot by 11:00 PM that night.

Temporary Parking Permit

If you have an injury or physical condition that requires you to park closer than your designated lot, a temporary parking permit may be available. A note from your doctor is required. Present this documentation to Disabilities Services. Once this is cleared they will arrange to have a temporary permit issued through Public Safety if space permit. These permits will be assigned in addition to the Elms College Parking Permit.

The temporary permits have a start date and an end date. When the permits have expired they must be turned back into Public Safety. In the event no one is available in Disability Services, Public Safety will assist with permits. Temporary Parking Permits are also available if you are using an alternate vehicle. The information on the Temporary Parking Permit must be visible. It will indicate which lot you are allowed to park in.

Parking Violation

If you receive a Parking Violation you are required to pay for the violation within 30 days. If you elect to appeal the violation you must do so within 10 calendar days. Appeal forms are available at the Safety Office and at the Information Desk in the Mary Dooley College Center Lobby; you can also click the link below. If payment for the violation is not received within 30 days, the fine will DOUBLE. The fine amount will be added to your Student Account. Our parking violation form is printed on a bright green envelope. The address for the Elms College Public Safety Department is printed clearly on the envelope. Please DO NOT SEND CASH through mail. If you wish to pay the parking fine in cash please bring it to the Student Accounts office on the first floor of Berchmans Hall. Please include any information that will be necessary to properly credit the payment of the violation. Please write the license plate number of the offending vehicle, and the ticket number in the comments sections of the check or money order.

Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Multiple Parking Violations

If a vehicle is ticketed three (3) or more times it will be placed on a “Tow List”, normally Public Safety will not notify the owner as the prior tickets serve as the warning that the vehicle may be towed after multiple violations and will serve as notification to the owner. Also, if the vehicle was towed from a posted Tow Zone or during a declared and advertised snow emergency, no notification is necessary.

Abandoned Vehicles

A Vehicle will be considered abandoned if:

  • It has been left unused in a student lot for more than four (4) months.
  • It lacks current license plate or a valid inspection sticker.
  • It is evident that the vehicle is registered as a student vehicle and has not been used in thirty (30) days, has been left unattended for the summer, or is clearly in inoperable condition.
  • It is registered to an employee and has been left unmoved on campus for a period of greater than seven (7) days, or is clearly not in operable condition;
  • It is unregistered and has not been moved on campus for a period of five (5) days and/or is clearly not in operable condition.

In the case of an abandoned vehicle, attempts should be made prior to the tow to locate the owner and advise them to remove the vehicle. If the owner is not known, or does not move the vehicle in the required amount of time, the vehicle may be towed without further notification.

Policy on Parking or Traveling on Lawns

In order for the college to be able to maintain its green space, the college has promulgated a policy prohibiting the parking or operating of vehicles on the lawns. This policy also applies to sidewalks in order to protect those areas as well as pedestrians utilizing the sidewalks. In the event of an emergency or special event these restrictions can be temporarily suspended. In the event these restrictions are suspended, Public Safety will be on site to address any concerns or safety issues that may arise.


While the college makes every effort to cooperate in the protection of property, your vehicle is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to know these rules and adhere to them. If there are any questions about these rules please contact the Public Safety Department.