Elms College will focus on these areas to enhance its sustainability: increasing undergraduate and graduate enrollment, increasing retention for specific target populations, increasing overall fiscal stability, and increasing donor funding. Each area is critical to ensure the College’s future growth and legacy.

To enhance sustainability, we will:

  • Increase undergraduate enrollment outside of the local geographic area and with fully online/non-traditional students.
  • Increase student retention of Academically Underprepared, Residential and Students from Underrepresented Populations.
  • Increase graduate enrollment through increased marketing, improving recruitment events and targeting graduating students and alumni.
  • Increase student athlete enrollment through modernizing athletic facilities.
  • Augment and track fiscal stability of the college through benchmarks related to enrollment, positive operating margins, increased cash levels, and an increased endowment.
  • Boost donor funding for strategic initiatives through a multi-year Comprehensive campaign.

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