In keeping with the Elms College mission statement, an engaged learning community will serve to educate and provide opportunities for a diverse group of students in both a liberal arts education and in preparation for their future vocation. The community will empower students to engage in leadership roles to effect positive changes in the college, local communities, and the world.

Elms College seeks to foster an institutional environment that promotes healthy bodies and healthy minds—an environment for students to thrive in every respect. It is essential for Elms College to carry on the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph by striving to create a holistic experience that engages students in learning through all aspects of the Elms College campus experience. This comprehensive, holistic experience emphasizes our desire for students to grow through faith, community, justice, and excellence. Our students are critical and conscientious learners who will develop the commitment, discipline, and vision necessary for lifelong learning, engagement, and development.

To engage our learning community, we will:

  • Improve living and learning environments in the residence halls, classroom spaces, and flexible spaces for affinity groups and commuters, and provide access to nutritious meals that meet students’ needs.
  • Provide programming and engagement activities that build a community for students: Boosting diversity, equity, and inclusion in student enrollment.
    • Engage students through athletics: A healthy mind in a healthy body through the athletics experience, facilities, and sports team sponsorship.
    • Connect with students through spirituality and service.
    • Create strong leaders through enhanced student leadership programming.
  • Increase the quality of college communication.
  • Build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus community by:
    • Boosting diversity, equity and inclusion in student enrollment.
    • Developing a faculty and staff recruitment and retention plan.
    • Creating an action plan under the Institutional Diversity Committee’s auspices
    • Increasing a sense of belonging for diverse students
  • Develop a culture of wellness.

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