What We Do

If it’s online or plugged in, chances are we made it work.  Our office oversees all technology related resources including computer labs, internet and wireless access, email accounts, classroom technology, and much more.  We provide technical support to students, faculty and staff through the Help Desk.

Our Staff

  • Sara Flink, M.Ed.

    Director of Educational Technology and User Support

  • Joshua Fulton

    Network Administrator

  • Michael Houle

    Systems Administrator

  • Daniel Kennedy

    Technical Support Specialist

  • Rebecca Lescarbeau, MALA

    MALA Educational Technology Specialist

  • Liam Liang

    Technical & Media Support Technician

  • Curtis Maloney

    Media Services Manager

  • Cynthia Skrodzki

    Helpdesk Manager

  • Maria Sullivan

    Application Administrator

  • Lucas Weiland

    IT Relationship Manager and Customer Support Specialist

  • Alexander Zmaczynski

    Director of Applications, Infrastructure, and Security

Computer and Software Discounts

Through agreements with various vendors for Elms College faculty, staff, and students, Elms College is able to make the following discounts available:


Dell University offers educational pricing on consumer PC’s and laptops, along with a dedicated account team to custom-build a plan that meets your needs.

Apple Computer

Apple also has an online computer store in which faculty, staff, and students can order online and customize their own purchases. You can go directly to the Apple Store for Education. Once there, enter the Elms College zip code (01013) and click Find.

There you will also be able to find current Apple special offers for Education.

Computers ordered from Apple will be delivered directly to your home, office or to the College post office.


Software is also available for purchase at a discount from the Elms College Online store.

Computing Resources on Campus

Alumnae Library Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a full service learning, research, and project space for students. In addition to public computers and printing services, the space offers Wi-Fi coverage, Backbone® media platforms with 50 inch wall mounted flat screens for group collaboration and media sharing, lounge chairs and café height worktable areas with power outlets for recharging, and mobile tables and whiteboards.

Students may borrow laptops and equipment for use in the Library through the loaner program.  Technical assistance and general information is available at the Leaning Commons Service Desk.

Wireless Network

Wireless connectivity is available for Wi-Fi capable personal devices throughout the Elms College campus. There is wireless coverage in each of the residence hall and in the Alumnae Library, College Center, Maguire Center, CNHS and classrooms in Berchmans Hall.  In addition, the wireless network can be accessed outdoors in the Quad and in public spaces such as the Maguire gym and pool areas.


Students can print from any computer classroom or lab with a valid Elms User ID. Print jobs are managed through the Equitrac print management system. The College provides a $25.00 printing allotment to each student at the beginning of the semester. Copies are $.10 each and automatically deducted from the student’s printing account.

Students are responsible for adding money to their student ID card for printing beyond the initial allotment. When the amount is exceeded during the semester, funds can be replenished at the Office of Student Accounts.

Several printers are located in the Alumnae Library, College Center, Berchmans Hall, and in each computer classroom and lab.  In addition, the Alumnae Library offers fee-based printing services to the public.

Educational Technology

The Office of Educational Technology is responsible for all aspects of educational and academic technology at the College. The office is managed by full-time staff members who support the integration of technology into teaching and learning, both online and in the physical classroom. Systems and services include but are not limited to:

  • Moodle
  • Instructional Design
  • Zoom
  • Technical Support
  • Training

Faculty and students can request technology services via telephone or email.  The office is open during normal business hours or by appointment.

Help Desk

The Elms College Helpdesk provides technical support for members of the Elms College community. We maintain all campus computers, including those located in the computer labs, classrooms, and staff and faculty offices. We also maintain a fleet of office and computer lab printers for the college.

In addition, the Helpdesk provides a wide range of support services to enhance the end-user experience, from training on the use of classroom technology to assistance with connecting devices to our secured wireless network.

We are available to answer any questions or assist with Elms College owned resources. Please send all email correspondence to helpdesk@elms.edu or call 413-265-2390 (x2390 on campus) during our regular business hours of 8:00AM to 4:30PM EST Monday-Friday.

Contact Us
Office of Information Services – Help Desk
Berchmans Hall, Lower Level, BH011

Media Services

Media Services offers a full range of resources to the faculty, staff, and students at Elms College.  We provide equipment, support and training for audiovisual and multimedia related services in the classrooms, meeting rooms, and scheduled events on campus.

Classroom support is a top priority at the College.  Most classrooms are equipped with instructor PC’s, projectors, DVD players, Smartboards, document cameras, wireless access and are fully supported by IT and Media Services.  To view a description of the classrooms and available technology/AV equipment, click on the classroom resource list.

Requests for audio/visual setup and support for campus events and meetings must be made through the Help Desk at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.  Requests must include name, location, equipment and date/time needed.  A consultation appointment may be necessary to assist in the planning and coordination of events.

Filming and Photography Requests

Media Services has the ability to film or photograph some College related events.  Services are limited depending on the type of event and purpose of the request.  Final judgment is left to the Director of Information Technology as to the priority of the request. To request a photographer or video recording of an event, individuals must submit a request through the help desk. The request must be submitted two weeks in advance of the event to ensure staff is available to satisfy the request.

Borrowing Equipment

All requests to borrow equipment, such as laptops or projectors, must be made at least one week in advance of the time the item is needed.  Requests will be approved based upon the availability of equipment for the time requested.  We loan equipment for various uses on campus:

  • Wireless/ Wired microphones with or without stands
  • Portable PA system with speakers
  • Portable projector with or without a portable tripod screen Laptops *
  • Zoom Digital audio recorders
  • Canon handheld camcorders
  • Canon DSLR still cameras
  • Canon and Nikon point-and-shoot cameras
  • Webcams *Production laptops are available for loan at the Alumnae Library circulation desk.  Laptops are loaded with basic audio/ video editing software and are for use only in the Library.

Duplication Services

Media Services provides limited media duplication services for College produced media for faculty and staff.  These services include media conversion to another format, video/audio duplication, and image scanning if a scanner is not available.   We reserve the right to refuse requests that violate copyright and/or fair use laws. Click to view US Copyright Laws and the Fair Use Doctrine.

Video Conferencing

The College has several Cisco TelePresence video conferencing endpoints on campus for use in the classrooms. This system offers high definition video and audio for a virtual learning environment. Video conferencing can be used for:

  • Collaborative work from different locations
  • Increase access to students
  • Virtual classes, demonstrations, guest lecturers
  • Content sharing for desktops and documents

TelePresence systems are located in CNHS107, Berchmans Conference Room, and classrooms in the Alumnae Library.

Web Conferencing

Zoom is the platform for eLearning at Elms College. Faculty and students can collaborate and participate in virtual classes in real-time, from any location.

Zoom accesses at https://elms.zoom.us.  A valid Zoom account is required to access the system.

Contact Us
Media Services
Alumnae Library, Lower Level, LIBMS
413-265-2204 (x2204 on campus)

Student Online Resources

Campus Portal

To access links to technology resources on campus, the campus portal (http://elmsconnect.elms.edu/) is the default home page in the computer labs and classrooms.  The portal contains links to Gmail and Moodle, just to name a few.

Activate Your Elms College User ID

Your User ID grants you access to the Elms College network and various other computing and academic resources.  To activate your new Elms account, you must first enroll in the Password Manager System, a self-service tool for registering new accounts and unlocking, resetting, and changing passwords in the event credentials are forgotten or compromised.

To activate your account, refer to the paper provided to you by the IT department and complete the go to the Password Manager program at https://pwmanager.elms.edu.

Google Apps (Gmail)

Elms College has chosen Google Apps for Education (Gmail) for its email, calendaring, and collaboration platform.  Students are required to perform a security validation and password change before accessing new Gmail accounts.  The validation process is managed through the Password Manager Program noted above.

NOTE: When you change your Elms College password via the password manager system, the password will also change for your network, Gmail, and Moodle accounts.


Moodle is the Learning Management System, or virtual classroom environment that professors and students use for online learning and collaboration at Elms College.

How We Use  Moodle

Professors organize and post digital content for students in each course. Information and materials include:

  • Syllabi
  • Assignments
  • Power Point presentations
  • Videos and web links
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys

Viewing Your Moodle Courses

Students are assigned a Moodle classroom for each course in which they are enrolled.  Moodle courses will appear under the “Courses” section after you are officially enrolled in a class through the Registrar’s office.  Add/Drops will appear the following business day.

Technology Standards

Students are not required to buy their own computer at Elms College as the campus is equipped with computer labs with a wide range of software available for student use. If you plan to purchase a new computer before coming to campus, the following configuration should meet your needs throughout the next four years at the College.

Student Personal Computers

When bringing a laptop or desktop computer to campus, the following minimum specifications and accessories are recommended:

Windows Computers

Processor:Core i5 or better
Operating System:Windows 7 or 8
Memory (RAM):8GB or higher
Hard Drive:250GB or larger
Networking:Wireless card, supports 802.11 a/b/g/n
Graphics Card:512 MB Video memory or higher
Antivirus Software:Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG
Software:Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013
Support:4 year parts and labor (on-site)

Macintosh Computers

Processor:Core i5 or better
Operating System:OS 10.8 or higher
Memory (RAM):4 GB or higher
Hard Drive:250 GB or larger
Networking:Wireless card, supports 802.11 a/b/g/n
Antivirus Software:Avast or Sophos
Software:Microsoft Office 2011
Support:4 years parts and labor (AppleCare)

Additional Technology

In addition to your computer, the College recommends you purchase these additional items:

  • USB memory stick for transferring/saving files
  • Computer/Laptop locks for added security
  • 4 year on-site Extended Warranty*

*Extended Warranty/Support/Accidental Damage Coverage: Elms College currently does not provide support for personal student computers, other than basic network connectivity.  We recommend students purchase extended on-site coverage from the computer manufacturer.

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is required on all student computers.  There are free products available such as Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows and AVG Free. Students should also consider using a malware scanner like Malwarebytes or Spybot, which have free versions.  These are not the same as Virus protection, but are used to supplement Virus protection.