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Student Learning Assessment for: MBA with Concentrations in Accounting, Healthcare Leadership,
Management, Lean Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning and Dual-Degree MSN/MBA Healthcare

  1. Students will analyze business problems to find ethical solutions.
  2. Students will critically evaluate business decisions from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  3. Students will create compelling communications in oral, interpersonal, and written formats.
  4. Students will collaborate and work effectively in diverse teams.
  5. Students will apply technological tools to solve practical management problems.

Student Learning Outcomes Master’s: Financial Planning and Accounting

  1. Students will apply ethical theories and professional standards to address business problems in
  2. Students will apply accounting theory in accordance with GAAP in analyzing problems to make
    business decisions.
  3. Students will effectively communicate financial information in both oral and written formats.
  4. Students will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the content found within the Financial
    Planning curriculum and effectively apply and integrate this information in the formulation of a
    financial plan.
  5. Students will analyze personal financial situations, evaluate clients’ objectives, needs and values to
    develop an appropriate strategy within the financial plan.
  6. Students will apply the CFP Board of Financial Planning Practice Standard to the financial planning

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