Elms College offers grants to students based on financial need. There are also many federal, state, and private grants available to students. The list on this webpage includes some of the better known resources offered publicly and directly through Elms College.

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Institutional Need-Based Grants


The Elms Grant is a need-based grant offered by Elms College directly. A student’s eligibility for the grant is determined through a review of their FAFSA and residency status. Amounts are re-determined every academic year based on a student’s latest financial aid application. Additionally, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress, or SAP, to be eligible for grant funding. For information regarding SAP, please review the Undergraduate Catalog.

Federal and State Grants

Federal Grants


Undergraduate students who complete the 2021-2021 FAFSA and have an expected family contribution (EFC) less than or equal to $5,846 are eligible to receive this federal grant. Federal Pell Grants range from $650 to $6,495 per year and are awarded to students who have not earned a baccalaureate degree and demonstrate financial need. Students who attend less than full-time will receive a lesser amount. Students are limited to receiving 600% of their annual full-time Pell Grant eligibility where a student attending one full academic year with full-time student status would receive 100% of their Pell Grant eligibility.


The federal SEOG is restricted to undergraduate students who have not earned a baccalaureate degree and demonstrate significant financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Preference is given to Federal Pell Grant recipients. Due to limited funding, not all students will receive the FSEOG even if they are eligible. Eligibility will be re-determined each academic year.

State Grants


The Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) determines eligibility. You must be enrolled full time (12 credits or more), be a resident of Massachusetts for one year prior to start of the academic year (if you are a dependent student, your parent also must be a resident of Massachusetts for one year prior to the academic year), and have an eligible EFC. Eligible students must submit their FAFSA prior to the May 1 deadline in order to be considered.


The Gilbert Grant is awarded to full-time students who meet the Massachusetts residency requirements and demonstrate exceptional need. Funds are limited.


Some New England states have reciprocal agreements for state grants. Students from Connecticut and Vermont may use their state grants at Elms College. Each state has its own eligibility requirements, but most require the FAFSA form be completed by the state deadline. Please review your state’s eligibility criteria.