Prepare to Lead in Your Field

The MSN program combines a contemporary core curriculum with an interdisciplinary specialty track in nursing and health services management. The MSN/MBA dual degree program will give students a breadth of knowledge and skills in business management needed to perform effectively and creatively at the business and clinical interface of contemporary healthcare organizations.


The School of Nursing and the Division of Business have joined together to offer a dual degree program leading to two separate graduate degrees: a master of science in nursing (MSN) and a master of business administration (MBA).

The program of study for the dual degree allows students to earn the two individual master’s degrees simultaneously. The students are enrolled and taking courses in both programs concurrently, respecting the prerequisites of each program. The dual degree can be completed in 58 credits and in approximately 35 months of full-time study.

Build a Better Foundation

A key component and required prerequisite course in the MSN/MBA dual degree program is the Accelerated Business Foundations course. This course is designed for students who do not have a business background or for students who are interested in a refresher prior to starting their MBA. It offers an overview in accounting, finance, management, marketing, law, and economics.


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Plan of Study: 8-Week Semester
Year 1, Fall 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6001Technology: Methods & Tools for Graduate Study1
BUS 5001Accelerated Business Foundations3
BUS 5002Excel Foundations for the MBA3

Year 1, Fall 2

Course #Course NameCredits
HCL 6105Business Dynamics of Healthcare3
ACC 6002Accounting for Managers3

Year 1, Spring 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5105Translating and Integrating Evidence into Practice3
BUS 6000Managerial Finance and Data Analysis3

Year 1, Spring 2

Course #Course NameCredits
HCL 6600Global Perspectives in Healthcare Management3
HCL 6205Budgeting in Healthcare3

Year 1, Summer 1

Course #Course NameCredits
HCL 6305Managing Human Capital in Healthcare3
HCL 6605Design Thinking in Healthcare3

Year 2, Fall 1

Course #Course NameCredits
HCL 6405Healthcare Operations Management3
NUR 5005Nursing Knowledge and Practice3

Year 2, Fall 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6400Leadership and Management3

Year 2, Spring 1

Course #Course NameCredits
HCL 6500Information Systems in Nursing and Healthcare3
BUS 6100Globalization and Social Responsibility3

Year 2, Spring 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 5302Health Care Policy and Advocacy3
BUS 6300Current Events – Impact on the Economy3

Year 2, Summer 1

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6801Nursing and Health Services Management Practicum I3

Year 2, Summer 2

Course #Course NameCredits
NUR 6802Nursing and Health Services Management Practicum II3

Year 3, Fall 2

Course #Course NameCredits
BUS 6200Leadership and Teamwork3
BUS 6400Strategic Management Practicum3