MSN Program FAQs

1. When are MSN courses offered?

MSN courses are offered in four (4) 11-week semesters. All classes are delivered in an asynchronous online method. Therefore there is no need to attend classes in person on campus. Practicum courses may require attending a few synchronous online classes to fulfill the requirement of the development and presentation of a capstone project.

2. How long does it take to complete the MSN program?

For those students entering the MSN program with a baccalaureate degree in nursing, all MSN tracks can be completed full-time in two (2) years (8 semesters) or less. The MSN-MBA dual degree can be completed full-time in three (3) years.

3. Is there an option to complete the program part-time?

Yes. Students may register for courses at their own pace. There is no minimum requirement of credits/semester. There is a requirement that students complete the program in a maximum of six (6) years.

4. What is the Capstone Project?

The capstone project is a summative expression of what a student has learned in the master’s program. In general, the capstone project should link within master’s level nursing practice the elements of leadership, quality improvement and safety, nursing research, informatics and healthcare technologies, health policy and advocacy, interprofessional collaboration, improving health; as well as the functional areas of study as appropriate for the specialization track. The purpose of the capstone is to integrate knowledge and assist students to apply this knowledge.

5. What is NUR 6001 Technology: Methods and Tools for Graduate Studies (1 credit)?

All MSN students are required to complete this 7- week one (1) credit class. This course introduces a variety of computer technology and applications, which provides a basis for a successful experience necessary to understand and integrate computer use in today’s classroom environments. This course covers computer hardware, computer settings, productivity applications (Office Software), online learning environments (Moodle), online resources (files and video), copyright, and online collaborative tools (Google Applications).

The content provided in this course will enable you to improve the preparation of writing assignments as well as oral presentations, particularly the Capstone Project presentation.