Why Elms for your Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing?

  • Earn your bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree in 20 months.
  • Benefit from personalized instruction — our cohort is capped at 24 students.
  • Gain experience in intercultural nursing by volunteering on mission trips to Jamaica.
  • Applicants must already hold an associate’s, bachelor’s, or higher degree in a non-nursing major.

Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing

The Accelerated Second Degree is a rigorous, full-time program for completing a baccalaureate in nursing in 20 months – two academic years plus one intensive summer semester.

Our program is based on a cohort model: an integrated, cohesive group, limited to 24 students, that functions at an accelerated pace.

Admission is highly competitive. Candidates must already hold an associate’s, baccalaureate, or higher degree in a non-nursing major, and complete all entry requirements.

Application deadline for the program is February 15, 2020.

Meet a Professor: Br. Michael Duffy, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC


Click to view course requirements for the accelerated second degree in Nursing.

72 credits. Total credits are inclusive of Elms College core requirements.

Core Nursing Requirements (63 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
NUR 1100NUR 110Introduction to Contemporary Nursing Practice3
NUR 2103NUR 213Medical Dose Calculations1
NUR 2107NUR 217Health Assessment of the Adult4
NUR 2109NUR 219Pathophysiology3
NUR 2201NUR 2201Fundamentals of Nursing5
NUR 2205NUR 225Pharmacology3
NUR 3005NUR 305Nursing Care of the Adult I3
NUR 3005LNUR 305LNursing Skills Lab I1
NUR 3406NUR 346Mental Health Nursing4
NUR 3206NUR 326Nursing Care of the Adult II4
NUR 3206LNUR 326LNursing Skills Lab II3
NUR 3400NUR 340Evidence-Based Nursing3
NUR 4007NUR 407Childrearing4
NUR 3608NUR 368Childbearing5
NUR 4605NUR 465Nursing Care of the Older Adult5
NUR 4700NUR 470Population-based Health Nursing4
NUR 4707NUR 477Nursing Leadership and Management of Care5
NUR 4902NUR 492Senior Seminar2

Required Non-Nursing Courses (6 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
PHI 2408PHI 248Health Care Ethics3
SSD 3004SSD 304Introduction to Cultural Competence3
Any Religion (REL) course3

College Core Courses* that may also be required (for those applying with an associate’s degree)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
Any ART (ART) course3
Any History (HIS) course3