Why Elms for your Entrepreneurship degree?

  • Exceptional academics — our entrepreneurship program is IACBE accredited.
  • Bring your ideas to market quickly — our students launch products and services.
  • Learn the science of startups. You’ll master Lean Startup methodology.
  • Gain a holistic view of business, with an emphasis on innovation and creative problem solving.

Entrepreneurship with a Focus on Lean Startup

At Elms we approach the study of entrepreneurial thinking a bit differently.

In the classroom, you’ll not only study the basics of business — marketing, accounting, and management — but you’ll gain practical experience by bringing your ideas to market.

Entrepreneurship majors learn a systematic process for researching business trends, developing new ideas and services, conducting focus groups, gathering customer feedback, and adapting their business model for a successful launch. You’ll master this process by studying Lean Startup methodology, a formula used by entrepreneurs to react to customer demands in real time.

Students in the entrepreneurship program at Elms also cultivate the soft skills needed to pitch their ideas persuasively and build connections with investors. You’ll create a polished elevator pitch to promote your startup, gain hands-on experience through internships, and build your professional network by meeting with industry experts and guest speakers.

Be a Game Changer

All entrepreneurs share a passion for changing the world. They believe in their ideas and are willing to put everything on the line to see their businesses become a reality. The entrepreneurship program at Elms helps you achieve this blend of creative vision and technical expertise. Here’s how we do it:

  • We coach our majors on how to make the most of the Lean Startup method. This model will become the foundation of your innovation process, so we spend ample time covering how you identify your target customer base, draft your business model, and introduce a product or service that your consumers will love.
  • We show you how to identify and analyze a diverse range of business opportunities. Entrepreneurs are experts in pivoting their thinking and changing course when the market dictates. We teach you how to navigate a range of industries, so you have options when it’s time to start pitching to investors.
  • We train you how to make the perfect pitch. Through networking events and experiential learning opportunities like the Innovation Challenge, business students enter the workforce with the confidence to voice their thoughts, connect with different audiences, and persuade others.
  • We put everything into context, especially when it comes to data analytics and financial analysis. Entrepreneurship majors learn how to utilize key metrics and tools for managing finances. What’s more, we dedicate time to discussing how business leaders communicate about numbers and capital, so you can explain the data supporting your new venture.
  • We help you make your venture a reality. Elms students go beyond simply proposing their product or service — if you’re ready to put your ideas into action, our faculty are prepared to collaborate with you to begin the business launch process.


Click to view course requirements for the Entrepreneurship (B.A.).

Business Core Requirements (43 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ACC 2001Accounting I3
ACC 2002Accounting II3
BUS 2201Computer Applications3
BUS 2402Principles of Management3
BUS 2409Operations Management3
BUS 2502Principles of Marketing3
BUS 2600Legal Environment of Business3
BUS 3101Principles of Financial Management3
BUS 3402Managerial Communications3
BUS 4800Business Strategy3
BUS 4801Career Development3
BUS 4802Internship4
May substitute ENT 4802 (formerly ENT 482) or 4805 (formerly ENT 485) for BUS 48024
ECN 2102Economics II3
ENT 1001Introduction to Entrepreneurship3

Required courses that also satisfy college core requirements (6 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ECN 2101Economics I3
MAT 1009Statistics3

Major Required

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
BUS 3302Sales Management3
ENT 1002Lean Launchpad3
BUS 3303Advertising3
BUS 3901Social Media Marketing3

Major Electives

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
Complete 3 Major electives 300-level or higher from BUS. ENT-ACC

Click to view course requirements for the Entrepreneurship minor.

*Director of CEL must approve admittance to ENT 1002 (formerly ENT 102)
**Customer Discovery is Required if ENT 1002 (formerly ENT 102) is not completed

Exploration Curriculum (3 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ENT 1001Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
ENT 102Lean LaunchPad*3

Building Curriculum (12 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ENT 2000Customer Discovery**3
ENT 3200Startup Finance***3
ENT 3400Get, Keep & Grow- Startup Sales and Marketing***3

Experiential Curriculum – Capstone Experience (3 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ENT 4802Entrepreneurial Internship3
ENT 4805Entrepreneurship Co-Op3