Why Elms for your Healthcare Management degree?

  • Exceptional academics — our healthcare management program is IACBE accredited.
  • Build strong competencies in business management, communication, organizational leadership, and financial analysis through interdisciplinary courses.
  • Work with faculty to find dynamic internship experiences at one of the many major healthcare organizations in western Massachusetts.
  • This program is the perfect major for students interested in the non-clinical side of healthcare.

Become a Leader in the Business of Healthcare

Healthcare organizations urgently need skilled leaders to manage human resources, costs, communication efforts, and business development plans. The healthcare management program at Elms College teaches you how to effectively accomplish these tasks, emphasizing skills and knowledge drawn from business, the social sciences, and health services.

Interdisciplinary coursework fosters your understanding of communication strategies, cultural competency, and organizational leadership. Our graduates shape their leadership styles to be dynamic, flexible, and capable of rapidly adapting to the fast-paced environment of healthcare delivery systems. Our program prepares you to lead change at the administrative level, and to make a difference in nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, managed care, and other healthcare organizations.

Quick Info

A required internship gives students invaluable on-the-job experience.

Xaymara DeJesus ’20

Photo of healthcare management major Xaymara De Jesus '20

“I really like being a healthcare management major because you get to experience many different things. My classes taught me how to be an effective leader and think about the business side of healthcare.”

After coming to Elms to study nursing, Xaymara decided to switch her major to healthcare management so she could combine her interest in hospital leadership with her financial skills. Read Xaymara’s story.


Click to view course requirements for the Healthcare Management (B.A.).

Minimum at Elms College: 27 credits/Minimum GPA: 2.25
61 credits

Business Core Requirements (40 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ACC 2001Accounting I3
ACC 2002Accounting II3
BUS 2201Computer Applications3
BUS 2402Principles of Management3
BUS 2409Operations Management3
BUS 2502Principles of Marketing3
BUS 2600Legal Environment of Business3
BUS 3101Principles of Financial Management3
BUS 3402Managerial Communications3
BUS 4800Business Strategy3
BUS 4801Career Development3
BUS 4802Internship4
ECN 2102Economics II3
ENT 1001Introduction to Entrepreneurship3

Healthcare Management Required Courses (21 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
HTH 2000Introduction to Health Services3
HTH 2500Operations in Healthcare3
HTH 3500Critical Issues in Administration of Healthcare3
HTH 4100Research and Leadership in Healthcare3
LEG 3101Health Law3
PHI 2408Healthcare Ethics3
SOC 2104Sociology of Healthcare3

Required courses that also satisfy college core requirements (9 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
ECN 2101Economics I3
MAT 1009Statistics3
SOC 2104Sociology of Healthcare3