Why Elms for my Marketing Degree?

  • Exceptional academics — our marketing program is IACBE accredited.
  • Become a branding expert. Marketing majors at Elms learn how to think creatively and support their ideas with data. You’ll be prepared to explain how marketing campaigns influence a company’s bottom line.
  • Elevate your communication skills. You’ll gain hands-on experience creating ad copy, strategic plans, social media promotions, and website content, both in the classroom and through internships.

Become a Branding Expert

Major in marketing at Elms College and learn the art of strategic communication. As a marketing major you will study the process of designing consumer and industrial products, choosing distribution channels, deciding on pricing strategies, and creating promotional materials. You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of the factors that influence consumer behavior by taking classes in international marketing, sales management, market research, and more.

Our program pushes students to go beyond the boundaries of product promotion. Instead, they consider marketing’s role in the overall business development process. Majors gain experience not only in writing ad copy and communications plans. They also use market research to connect their ideas to an organization’s bottom line, demonstrating how a viral video or change in product packaging will generate revenue.

Enter the Job Market with Confidence

Our program helps you understand both the theory and practice of marketing, which means you’ll be ready to succeed in a range of job positions. Whether you’re asked to develop an overall brand strategy for a business, design ads for a nonprofit, or conduct market research for a startup, our program will provide you with the skills you need to contribute to the organization’s mission.

Marketing majors at Elms develop their skills by analyzing case studies and completing class projects. Once they’ve mastered the essentials, they put their skills to the test at an internship, honing their strengths and increasing their skills prior to graduation. Our graduates enter the job market with confidence, prepared for fulfilling careers in advertising, sales, marketing, and market research.

Many students in this program choose to combine their marketing major with a minor in art, English, graphic design, social media, or computer information technology and security (CITS) to strengthen their creative and technical skill sets.

Quick Info

Dimitri Tessier ’17

Dimitri Tessier Marketing Profile Image

Marketing major Dimitri Tessier ’17 interned at United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney division in East Hartford the summer before his senior year and received an offer to join the company after graduation.


Click to view course requirements for the Marketing (B.A.).

Minimum at Elms College: 27 credits/Minimum GPA: 2.25
52 credits

Business Core Requirements (40 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
ACC 2001ACC 201Accounting I3
ACC 2002ACC 202Accounting II3
BUS 2201BUS 221Computer Applications3
BUS 2402BUS 242Principles of Management3
BUS 2408BUS 248Global Business Environment3
BUS 2502BUS 252Principles of Marketing3
BUS 2600BUS 260Legal Environment of Business3
BUS 3101BUS 311Principles of Financial Management3
BUS 3402BUS 342Managerial Communications3
BUS 4800BUS 480Business Strategy3
BUS 4801BUS 481Career Development3
BUS 4802BUS 482Internship4
ECN 2102ECN 212Economics II3

Marketing Courses (choose 12 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
BUS 3302BUS 332Sales and Sales Management3
BUS 3303BUS 333Advertising3
BUS 3605BUS 365Marketing Research3
BUS 3707BUS 377International Marketing3
GDS 1709GDS 179Introduction to Computer Graphics3
CIT 2506CIT 256Web Design3

Required courses that also satisfy college core requirements (6 credits)

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
ECN 2101ECN 211Economics I3
MAT 1009MAT 109Statistics3

Click to view course requirements for the Marketing minor.

18 Credits Total (six 3-credit courses)


Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
BUS 2502BUS 252Principles of Marketing3

Pick 5 of the following courses:

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
BUS 3605BUS 365Marketing Research3
BUS 3303BUS 333Advertising3
BUS 3901BUS 391Social Media Marketing3
BUS 3302BUS 332Sales and Selling3
BUS 3707BUS 377International Marketing3
GDS 1709GDS 179Intro to Computer Graphics3
GDS 2506GDS 256Web Design3
GDS 3900GDS 390Digital Video3
GDS 3901GDS 391Social Media Content Creation3
SPM 3700SPM 370Sport Marketing3