Why Elms for your Elementary Education degree?

  • 100% employment rate (class of 2019)
  • Your initial teaching license qualifies you to begin teaching in Massachusetts and more than 40 states, islands, and territories.
  • Specialize in grades 1 – 6.

Introduce learners in grades 1-6 to a variety of subjects and core reading and writing skills.

Elms prepares initially-licensed teachers in Massachusetts for grades 1-6. Elementary teachers help shape young students into the learners they will become. This is why the elementary education program at Elms College offers specialized, rigorous classroom instruction and personal guidance as you do fieldwork in area schools. Elementary teachers draw on the content of the relevant curriculum frameworks to plan activities and sequential units of study that are standards-based. Elementary Education students practice a balanced approach to reading and writing and employ a variety of teaching techniques in content-area instruction.

Elms College students are competent, caring individuals who understand their legal and moral responsibilities to all children and seek resources from colleagues, families, and the community to enhance their learning. They reflect critically upon their teaching experiences and identify areas for further professional development. We train teachers who are competent and caring, understand their responsibilities to all children, involve their pupils’ families in the learning process, and challenge their students to achieve their highest potential.

Elementary Education students will be able to:

  • Use subject matter knowledge in reading and language arts, children’s and young adult literature, mathematics, history, social science, science, health, physical education, and the arts to plan curriculum and instruction.
  • Communicate high standards and expectations when beginning and carrying out lessons that employ a variety of teaching techniques and reading and writing strategies.
  • Promote achievement by all students, without exception.
  • Create an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Meet legal and moral responsibilities for professional growth.
  • Reflect critically upon teaching and learning.
  • Meet state licensure standards for communication and literacy skills, subject matter knowledge, foundations of reading, and performance assessment.

Quick Info

Our education students get exposed to classroom teaching as early as their first semester.

Initial teaching licenses earned at Elms qualify candidates to begin teaching in Massachusetts and more than 40 states, islands, and territories.


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Initial License in Elementary Education (1-6)

Major Requirements (66 credits)

Course #Course Name# of Credit Hours
EDU 1000Introduction to Schooling and Education3
EDU 1008Writing for Educators3
MAT 1002Numbers and Operations3
MAT 1014Geometry and Measurement3
MAT 1024Algebra and Fractions3
PSY 2104Children’s Learning and Development3
EDU 3002Social Studies and Science Methods3
EDU 3004Methods of Teaching Mathematics3
EDU 3101Writing Workshop3
EDU 3109Students with Special Needs3
EDU 3600Seminar in Professional Education3
EDU 4106Technology in Education3
EDU 4203Pre-Practicum5
EDU 4204Pre-Practicum Seminar1
EDU 4250AElementary (1-6); Initial Practicum12
EDU 4308No Fault Classroom Management3
EDU 4901Educating English Language Learners3
EDU 4908Language & Literacy Development I3
EDU 4909Language & Literacy Development II3