Relevant. Real-World. Right Now.

Experience is everything when it comes to landing that first job after college. At Elms, we shape your education around fulfilling, insight-catalyzing learning opportunities that give you that experience upfront.

Sure, you’ll add bullet points to your resume. But you’ll also put your ideas into action, connect with mentors, reach your limits (and surpass them), and grow into a confident leader. From start to finish, our faculty and staff will help guide you through the process, however you decide to get involved. Learn more about internships, research experiences, study abroad, and service learning.

Forge Your Own Path.

Photo of student in science lab

Elms gives you the tools to navigate the complexities of the world, and shape your understanding in the process. By the time you graduate, you’ll have had ample opportunity to apply your ideas to real issues, and decide on the career path that fits you best.

Go Interdisciplinary.

Photo of a nursing student studying in the library

The best solutions are those that draw on multiple disciplines, theories, and concepts. So, combine computer science + business. Nursing + psychology. History + criminal justice. Crossing academic boundaries will help you be more creative, think outside of the box, and feel prepared for whatever comes your way.

Get Funding.

Photo of history major Ryan Shea '20

Elms offers generous financial resources specifically geared toward supporting unpaid internship, research, study abroad, and mission trip experiences. Learn more.

Add to Your Resume Now, Not Later.

Volunteer work, international travel, on-campus leadership, and exploratory internships are all invaluable experiences to add to your professional resume. By the time you graduate from Elms, you’ll have a diverse set of bullet points highlighting the different ways you expanded on your education. Not sure where to start? Our Office of Career Services can help.

Get Started Your First Year at Elms.

As part of your First Year Seminar experience, you’ll get a taste of what experiential learning is all about your very first year at Elms. The Elms Innovation Challenge is a dynamic, round-the-clock workshop that invites students to develop creative solutions to social issues.