Take Your Studies Global

Traveling to a new country gives you a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the world. The people, places, and ideas you encounter while studying abroad will leave a lasting impact on you—in more ways than one. Elms offers several study abroad options, including:

  • Global semester-long exchange programs
  • Semester-long exchange programs with nine ACSSJ schools throughout the United States
  • Brief excursions during summer and winter break, including internship opportunities.
  • Summer trips to Japan, as part of our partnership with the University of Kochi
  • Faculty-led trips to countries like Ireland (dates subject to change)

Our International Programs office is fully equipped to walk you through the study abroad process, from choosing the destination that’s right for you, to submitting your application.

Gain an International Perspective

Studying abroad enriches your education by framing it within a global context. Interested in business? Spend a semester in London, one of the financial capitals of the world. Have a passion for science? Visit Central America to conduct field research on tropical ecosystems. No matter where you decide to study abroad, you will takeaway fresh perspectives on your major, and a more profound understanding of your relationship to our globalized world.

This fresh way of thinking will prove valuable on the job market, too—employers recognize the benefit of global travel when hiring recent graduates. Students that have lived abroad bring a heightened sense of maturity, time management, and willingness to learn to the workplace, giving them an edge over their peers.

Build Your Language Skills

Speaking with locals in their native language is one of the best ways to experience a new country. While knowing a foreign language isn’t a requirement for studying abroad, many Elms students find that having even a basic knowledge of another language helps them connect with the people they meet in a more genuine way.

Elms College regularly welcomes Fulbright teaching fellows each academic year. Students interested in studying abroad in Japan or Ireland often have the opportunity to practice their skills on campus before making their trips. Students can also take Spanish classes on campus prior to going abroad in Central America or Europe.

Broaden Your Horizons Anywhere—Even on Campus

Elms students have ample opportunities to experience cultures different than their own. One of the most popular programs is our longstanding exchange program with the University of Kochi. Every spring a group of students from Japan visits campus to learn about American culture. Elms students act as hosts, or “Friendship Partners,” and organize activities like game nights, bowling, or trips to local attractions in western Massachusetts. All students have the opportunity to practice their Japanese or English language skills with one another. For Elms students interested in learning more about Japan, study abroad trips to Kochi are available in the summer. Many students interested in visiting Kochi stay connected with their Friendship Partners throughout the year.