A Mission of Service

“We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise.”

Elms offers a number of week-long mission service opportunities in destinations in the U.S. and abroad. The goals of the service trips are to teach community building, further the mission of the college and the Sisters of St. Joseph, to implement the Catholic social teachings that form the base of the Elms experience, to instill the importance of cultural sensitivity and service to others, and to teach students how to safely conduct themselves in new environments and cultures.

Steps to Service

There are four phases to each trip:

  • selection process
  • preparation program
  • on-site program
  • return program

Students pay their own way, but there are numerous college-sponsored fundraisers you can participate in to raise money, as well as soliciting individual sponsors to finance your trip. Every trip is led by student leaders, who are overseen by faculty and staff on the trips.

Mission Service Sites

Baltimore, Maryland
San Jose, California
Concordia, Kansas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Brooklyn, New York
Trenton, New Jersey

Elizabeth Disbrow ’20 put together a video documenting the March 2017 mission trip to Trenton, NJ: