Major in Communication Sciences and Disorders

ASD 3001 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
CSD 1001 Introduction to CSD
CSD 1003  Sign Language I
CSD 1004  Sign Language II
CSD 2000 Professional Communication in CSD
CSD 2002 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
CSD 2003 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism II
CSD 2004 Phonetics and Phonology
CSD 2007 Introduction to Linguistics
CSD 3001 Hearing Science
CSD 3004 Speech Science
CSD 3005 Speech and Language Acquisition
CSD 3006 Audiology
CSD 3007 Observational Methods and Procedures  (4)
CSD 3008 Diagnostic Procedures
CSD 4003 Speech and Language Disorders: Pediatric Population
CSD 4004 Speech and Language Disorders: Adult Population
CSD 4005 Aural Rehabilitation
CSD 4100 Seminar in Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD 4104 Counseling Methods in Communication Disorders
CSD 4200 Neuroscience

Students may enroll in one or more clinical practicum only with permission of the program director.

CSD 4008 Clinical Practicum in Schools I
CSD 4008L Clinical Practicum in Schools I Lab (1 Credit)
CSD 4105 Clinical Practicum in Schools II
CSD 4105L Clinical Practicum in Schools II Lab (1 Credit)

Additional Course Requirements (30 credits)

BIO 105
MAT 108, 109, 120, or 131
PHI 248 Health Care Ethics
Physics or Chemistry course
PSY 101 General Psychology
PSY 202 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
PSY 204 Human Behavior Social Environment
REL 214, 215, 302 World Religions

* Subject to change
Students must also complete all core course requirements of the college.