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The legal studies minor provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the law and its connections to business, the civil and criminal justice systems, and federal and state legislative, executive, and judicial bodies. Following a rigorous course of study, students will explore how to conduct legal research and write for the field.

With a strong emphasis on critical thinking and communication, the legal studies minor will challenge students to develop their skills as they engage with case briefings, court opinions, statutes and regulations, and various subspecialties of the law. Ethical thinking and problem solving is integrated throughout the program as well, laying the groundwork for students to become conscientious legal professionals.

Students of all majors are encouraged to add the legal studies minor, especially if they are planning on a career in the criminal justice system, law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation, or human services. For students intending to apply to law school, the legal studies minor offers an invaluable introduction to the concepts, procedures, and processes utilized by lawyers and attorneys.

Legal studies minor curriculum (18 credits)

Students can complete the legal studies minor in 18 credit hours.

Required courses (9 credits):
BUS260 Legal Environment of Business* or CRJ260 American Legal Systems*
LEG204 Legal Studies I**
LEG205 Legal Studies II** (Prerequisite: LEG204)

Choose three (3) of the following courses (9 credits):
LEG206 Principles of Litigation**
LEG209 Criminal Law*
LEG255 Real Estate Law & Practicum** (six (6) credit course)
LEG311 Health Law**
LEG314 Business and Consumer**
LEG317 Constitutional Law*
LEG383 Sport Law*
LEG452 Juvenile Law*

*Offered as a traditional course on the Chicopee campus
**Offered as an online course in an 8-week session

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