Any student with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations through Student Accommodations and Support Services. SASS staff work with students to help remove barriers and provide equal access to programs and services at Elms College as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, and other pertinent regulations. Accommodations will be tailored to meet the individuals need based on disability documentation. These accommodations will help to ensure access not success and must be both reasonable and appropriate. Accommodations may not pose a fundamental alteration to the course or program. Accommodations are not retroactive and should be requested as early as possible each term.

Students may register with SASS at any time during their enrollment at Elms College. To register students must:

Registered students are expected to:

  • request termly renewal of accommodations from SASS in a timely manner
  • alert SASS of any questions of barriers related to their accommodation plan or access issue
  • follow all policies and procedures provided in the SASS Student Handbook (PDF), 2021-2022 Student Handbook (PDF) and course syllabi
  • share termly accommodation plans with individual course professors
  • update SASS on any change in their disability documentation and discuss possible alterations as-needed for their accommodation plan

If a student suspects they may have a disability-related need they may schedule an intake meeting with SASS to talk about the process of obtaining documentation and registering with SASS.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

Students with documented disabilities have the following rights:

  • Equal access to programs, services and facilities at Elms College (access applies to both on-and off-campus programs)
  • Reasonable and appropriate accommodations
  • Privacy of and access to disability records under FERPA

Students with documented disabilities have the following responsibilities:

  • Self-identifying as a student with a disability
  • Submitting disability documentation to SASS
  • Scheduling with SASS to engage in the interactive process and follow SASS policies and procedures

Self-advocate; share accommodations plans with professors and alert SASS of access barriers

Parent and Guardian Role

Many parents have played a major role in helping their students to advocate and receive accommodations during their time in secondary school. This commitment has often helped students reach their goal of attending higher education. As students transition to higher education they will learn to self-advocate and learn to manage their disability in the College setting. During this time students will learn more about how they learn best and what supports are needed to help achieve equal access. This opportunity allows them to prepare for life after College and learn how they define their disability identity. To best support your student remind them of and encourage them to engage with campus resources such as SASS and the Center for Student Success.

SASS will engage primarily with the student if the student is over the age of 18 and require the student to coordinate meeting with and arranging accommodations while at Elms College. Parents may take part in the intake meeting but will play a supporting role. To help foster student independence provide supportive listening, allow them to problem-solve, and help them to find ways to self-advocate.

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