Catholic Identity


"The goals of Catholic education go beyond education for production, professional competence, technological and scientific competence: they aim at the ultimate destiny of the human person, at full justice and holiness born of truth."
                                                      - Pope John Paul II

An education that claims to be Catholic must have as its goal three aims:

  1. It must make a contribution to the Church and to society through the quality of its academic programs, together with a concern to show the full meaning and value of the human person.
  2. It must encourage the development of learners capable of making connections between their faith and daily life. In turn, learners bear witness to Christ through service to others.
  3. It must set up among its faculty and staff a real community which bears witness to a living and operative Christianity.

As a Catholic college community, Elms College and its faculty, administrators and staff members must continue to create an atmosphere that engages students in the great moral issues of our time. In doing so, we will create a value-centered environment that benefits both society and the individual.

Blake Stevens

Service Trip to Baltimore Inspires Career Refocus

Ali Quinones

Class of 2014

“It took me from wanting to teach in a private school to working in the inner city.”

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