CERC emboldens students to work at the intersection of the secular and the holy.

Critically examining the ways in which ethics, religion, and culture shape the world around us has always been a hallmark of an Elms College education. Whether working from a Catholic theological base or a secular ethical standpoint, students have been encouraged to think about human experience holistically. Challenging students to grapple with the grey areas of dialogue and cultural encounter has become the college’s modus operandi.

The St. Augustine Center for Ethics, Religion and Culture (CERC) breathes new life into this aspect of the Elms College mission. The Center prioritizes:

  • Academic innovation through the development of interdisciplinary educational and curricular resources;
  • Production of exemplary scholarship that will integrate academic and experiential learning on ethics, religion, spirituality, and culture across the college;
  • Creation of programming — through academics, Campus Ministry, and community and experiential learning opportunities — to foster students’ faith and spiritual development.
Watch the video of the launch of the St. Augustine CERC.