Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

How it Works–Program Prerequisites and Requirements
You enter this program with an accredited associate’s degree, including courses in accounting, marketing and business with a minimum GPA of 2.25; satisfy Elms’ core requirements; complete 15 hours of community service; and earn a required 42 residency credits to complete your Elms College degree in 20 months (10-eight week sessions).

Degree Completion in Entrepreneurship and Management
The degree completion program in Entrepreneurship and Management prepares students by combining the foundations of business management with practical experience in creating new ideas, evaluating opportunities, engaging in hands-on approaches to decision making, and launching or growing businesses. Students systematically develop competencies in pioneering new products, conceptualizing business models, optimizing business operations, and analyzing market trends.

Gain Experience in Lean Entrepreneurship Through Hands-on Learning
Entrepreneurship and Management students can bring their own innovation, passion or business ideas into the classroom to determine market opportunities; design and implement business strategies; and launch new ventures.

  • You’ll gain a transferable skill set by acquiring practical experience in implementing ideas, managing team dynamics in stressful situations, and making decisions that have an immediate impact on businesses.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills will be put to the test in real-world scenarios, such as launching product or service ideas, or making the critical decision to not move forward with certain ventures.
  • Master the Build-Measure-Learn model, a methodology central to lean entrepreneurship.
  • Learn from experienced entrepreneurs. Faculty teaching in the entrepreneurship courses have launched businesses and can share their experience and first-hand knowledge to help guide students through launching and scaling ventures.

Course Schedule & Flexible Delivery
Courses in entrepreneurship are held on Thursday evenings at the Elms College campus, 5:30-9:30 p.m. Students can attend class in person, or use WebEx to attend live online. All courses in management or the business core are available 100% online or live in-person at our off-site location. Students can select the learning method that fits their schedule best for each course. Off-campus courses are held Saturdays at our Holyoke Community College location.


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Recommended Course Sequence

Course #FormerlyCourse Name# of Credit Hours
ENT 2000Customer Discovery & Business Model3
REL 2105World Religions3
ENT 1002Lean Launchpad3
BUS 2408Global Business Environment3
BUS 3107Business and Society3
BUS 3402Managerial Communications3
ENT 3400Startup Sales and Marketing3
BUS 4801Career Development3
ENT 3200Startup Finance3
BUS 3405Human Resource Management3
ENT 3300Building the Team Startup Culture & HR3
BUS 3705Organizational Behavior3
ENT 4801Capstone in Entrepreneurship3
BUS 3101Principles of Financial Management3
BUS 3401Gender and Diversity3
BUS 4800Business Strategy3
ENT 3600Social Entrepreneurship3
ENT or BUS Elective3
ENT or BUS Elective3
ENT 4802 (formerly ENT 482) or ENT 4805 (formerly ENT 485) Entrepreneurship Internship or Co-Op (outside of classroom)3